Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Level Of The Absurd"

The Prime Minister's response to the news that Saskatchewan is considering legal action over equalization:
The prime minister responded to the news by saying the debate had escalated "to the level of the absurd."

What an amazing statement. If the debate has become absurd, the fault clearly lies within Harper's reckless, divisive rhetoric. Does anyone actually believe all parties involved would be considering legal action, if not for the Prime Minister's "calling their bluff" threats earlier this week?

Harper raises the temperature, issues threats and challenges, then has the audacity to comment as though passive observer. I do agree though, it is absurd, and a sad state of affairs, that this debate has deteriorated to the point of legal action. When you issue a challenge of the sort Harper has, then you demand a response from the other side. Such a stark threat leaves little room for interpretation, you frame the argument into a sue me or shut up proposition. Is it any surprise that such a stance results in the challenge being accepted? Is Harper so delusional that he actually thought he was calling a bluff, and these Premiers would merely retreat and project defeat?

A Prime Minister, who possessed a basic understanding of diplomatic nuance would never have found himself in this position. The issue is largely an emotional one, which demands that the federal government move carefully, with sensitivity. What does Harper do? Harper reacts by attempting to bludgeon his "opponents" into submission. Never mind the fact that it's a lose/lose situation, Harper treats the provinces like an enemy, despite the fact the last time I checked we are all Canadians. That posture has no relationship to the role the Prime Minister should play, he sullies the office.

If we have entered the realm of the absurd, the situation is a Harper creation, inspired by his own words and actions.


Anonymous said...

I think it's become clear that Harper's reputation as a genius came from the same cereal box as George Bush's reputation as a genius.

Steve V said...

Hey dana. Harper does look less and less the "master strategist" with each passing day.

Anonymous said...

And who better to lead the absurd than Stephan Harper himself...he does seem gifted for putting his finger on the pulse of things, doesn't he?...I mean, in a Freudian sort of way.

Karen said...

This entire government is absurd.

You're right Steve, he treats the provinces like they are the enemy and even attempts to pit them against each other.

In fact, he even see's some of his caucus as his enemy. In fact, to the casual observer, you could make the case that he's becoming a bit paranoid seeing enemies around every corner.

The sad truth is, if that is the case, it's because he has made it so. I just cannot see how he'll be able to shake all of this over the summer.

dana, I think you're right.

btw, Steve, I listened to the environment committee meeting today. Mills resigned. I wrote about at my place. What a mess.

MrvnMouse said...

Steve, at this rate there won't be a conservative party in another year. The party is fracturing underneath him, and the soft support he has had is draining away according to recent polls.

JimBobby said...


"Is Harper so delusional that he actually thought he was calling a bluff, and these Premiers would merely retreat and project defeat?"

Well, I remember he said the Atlantic provinces had a culture of defeatism. Maybe he is that delusional.

Or, maybe he's conveniently proving the unworkability of federalism while he eyes up the Sheikh's throne in the Christian Republic of Alberta.

Harper's been a firewallin' AlienAlbert separatist from day one. Everything that shows Canada don't work plays right into his separatist treachery. That 200 page manual of parliamentary sabotage proved he ain't got any intention of tryin' to work with the duly elected democratic representatives in the House o' Comments.

Here's the really absurd thing - We got a prime minister who don't believe in Canada.


Karen said...

Here's the really absurd thing - We got a prime minister who don't believe in Canada.

You know JB, you have a point. I don't think he's smart enough to engineer all of this, but your basic premise has merit.

Anonymous said...

Dana - you are right. They both eat fruit loops it seems.

Imagine the absurb one calling others absurb.

Anonymous said...

Jim Bobby, not only do we got a PM who don't believe in Canada we got one who don't much like the place either.

Also doesn't much care for the kind of governmental structures and norms we've evolved.

There's probably a region or two he'd happily jettison as well.

Not to mention a percentage of the population, a little more than double his support, that he'd rather would just shut up and die.

I'm not sure the competition has been formally declared open yet but I'm willing right now to declare that this supercilious, sanctimonious prick is the worst PM the country's ever had.

Steve V said...

Harper approaches federalism with the narrow mindset of a Premier. I've said it before, we don't have a Prime Minister in the traditional sense, there is no federal voice to provide balance.