Saturday, June 16, 2007

Let's Make A Deal

Accidential Deliberations makes an excellent point on Harper's latest threats against the Senate. I particularly like this line offered by Harper today:
"So I think there'd be a sure lot of anger if a bunch of unelected guys decided they could block what the elected people did and what their constituents want."

"Everyone expects that the elected house's judgment will prevail," Harper said.

I agree, the elected house's will should prevail, because that is the legitimate voice of the people. However, as The Jurist points out, the Conservative Senators are currently engaged in the exact same practice that Harper criticizes, as it relates to Bill C-288. Passed by the elected organ of government, it is the Conservative Senators who are blocking the bill at every turn.

Now, you can debate the merits of the Kyoto bill, but that is besides the point, using Harper's argument (afterall, you can clearly debate the merits of this trainwreck of a budget). Harper is using the "Liberal dominated Senate" argument to change the channel from his own problems. I have little doubt the Liberal Senate will ultimately pass the budget, and I recognize that a budget bill is more of an issue than C-288. Having said that, there is a terrific opportunity for the Liberals to expose Harper's duplicity and neuter his favorite distraction.

How about a press conference, wherein Liberal Senators agree to abide by the "elected house's judgment", if Conservative Senators commit to the same principle? Let's make a deal, we won't stand in the way of the "people" if you won't. At the very least the proposal highlights Harper's convenient focus and puts the Conservatives on the defensive. I could care less if anything comes of the offer, but it would serve as an interesting way to focus attention on the "do as I say, not as I do" ridiculousness.


Anonymous said...

Excellent suggestion. However Steve knows Libs have already decided they won't block the budget so he's posturing, feeling powerful and brave like a cop getting toughest when there's no threat.

burlivespipe said...

Yes, when he knows the winds in his sails he turns into Rocky Balboa; when he's surfing against the tide, Harpor scuffs at the ground like the 'mean widdle kid.' Your point is well taken, however, as we've seen with most instances, Harpor has probably a special teleprompter loaded with faux outrage on just these talking points.
And bringing up his duplicitous 'do as I say not as I do' knifing likely just keeps the senate story alive a little longer for him to colour 'undemocratic'... We've had Fortier to kick around for quite some time yet we don't seem to score much points off it, eh?

Anonymous said...

The Liberal Senate ha already issued a statement before Harper came out with this bullying statement - rough, tough, cream puff, all talk.

It's time to dwell on Fortier again.

Steve V said...

That's the funny part, the day prior the Senate said it would pass the budget. Harper doesn't seem to follow the facts, he just throws out his "talking point". The sad part, all of the major media outlets run the story, as though Harper's outrage is well-founded and genuine.