Monday, October 01, 2007

Funny John Tory Quotes

John Tory deliberating mislead voters today, with his dubious "free-vote" assertion, not to mention his abandoning principle for power:
But Liberal operatives outside the business luncheon handed out repeated Tory statements where he indicated a vote along party lines.

After Bill Murdoch, the Progressive Conservative incumbent in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, said last week that voters were unhappy with the key promise, Mr. Tory was asked whether he would allow a free vote on the issue. He said no.

In Guelph last Monday, Mr. Tory said: "It's obviously an important element of our platform and I would expect that people will support what's in our platform. It's do what you said you would do."

Somehow, these words seem less convincing today:
"I do not make promises that I cannot keep."

"When a politician looks into the camera, whether it's in a debate or an election commercial, when you make a speech or you put something in a brochure or your platform, you are shaking hands with the voters and you are saying 'we have a deal.' And that deal has to mean something. In fact it has to mean everything."

“Dalton McGuinty will say anything to get elected. That is not leadership."

"Your word isn't just important. It's everything."

"Kept so few of your promises, it's destroyed the credibility of politicians."

" It's time to put an end to politics as usual and have new, stronger leadership for Ontario"

“You cannot lead if you have lost your credibility, if trust has been broken. Keeping your promises matters.”

Nothing gives me more pleasure then watching the pius fall from their self-annointed pedestal.


Anonymous said...

Tory listened to the people.

Steve V said...

Good luck with that.

Mark Dowling said...

He should have offered a free vote from day one - that might have caused some uncomfortable shifting on the Lib bench.

Too late now, especially when the Libs seem to be able to tefloned against all their hypocrises on the issue (McGuinty used to be for it, Kwinter STILL for it, Peterson funded Mennonites who are still "on a trial basis" etc.

I think it's time to start wondering who the next PC leader, since Tory seems doomed to lose to Wynne.