Friday, October 05, 2007

Liberal Majority

McGuinty looks set to receive another majority and the even better news, only 5 more days that I have to endure John Tory's barrage of opportunistic negativism that pollutes the airwaves:
Among decided voters -- which according to the Ipsos Reid poll is all but 4% of them -- the Liberals have the support of 43%, while the Tories have 32%. Just two weeks ago the spread between both parties was just three points.
The poll also puts the NDP at 18% support, and the Greens at 6%.

Leadership does matter, and people see right through Tory's last ditch flip flop on his supposed principled position:

Mr. Wright said if Mr.Tory had not backtracked, he could have at least emerged with his own personal integrity, but now almost two-thirds of the province (61%) sees the move as “simply cynical vote-getting as opposed to a principled stand. It’s an unfortunate situation all the way around”

Lose an election, lose a seat in the legislature and lose your integrity. The political trifecta!!


ottlib said...

Oh you are talking about Dalton McGuinty.

I thought you were talking about Stephane Dion. :)

Steve V said...

Good gracious ;)

Anonymous said...

Judging from the 6 page letter that said nothing I received today from McGuinty, I'd say he was pretty desparate.

Karen said...

toe, keep wishing what you's not going to happen.

Tory is portrayed as being this innocent, PC leader and that is absolute BS.

The media has failed on telling us the story, but Tory told the story.

I wonder what his next career will be?

Anonymous said...

Another $600 'health' tax coming your way Ontario! Way to go!

Take money from everyone - give it to public sector union members - get re-elected.

burlivespipe said...

Funny, accusations of ol' political opportunism seems to get stacked like airplanes at O'Hara in a January snowstorm. Wasn't it Dalton that kicked it off with a 'Family Day' feel-good promise to kick-start the campaign.
Boy, has Tory looked like a buffoon. Now Hampton is ranting about the press. Everything is as it should be...

Anonymous said...

People whine and moan about the health tax - ah, take a look at what's happening in the US.

Lost their homes and everything they own over an illness in the family.

I think it's pretty cheap insurance and I think we're very selfish here.

How many Ontarionians have lost everything they have due to illness?

Steve V said...


The fact of the matter is Ontario had a huge deficit, left by the former PC regime. You can either mortgage our future, or you can raise revenues. If you ask people if they would like to see services slashed, or pay more, then it makes sense.