Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Good Move

What Jamie Carroll actually said last week is secondary to the fact that he has become a lightning rod for dissent, due to his past comments about rival camps. Had someone else made the exact comments, I doubt the reaction would have been so intense, but Carroll has made himself a controversial figure, that clearly irks many Quebec Liberals. With that in mind, I see this rumored decision as a positive for Dion:
Liberal Leader Stephane Dion is shuffling one of his closest associates after almost a week of controversy linked to comments he is purported to have made about hiring Quebecers.

Jamie Carroll, the Liberal party's national director, was hand-picked by Dion and is one of his closest allies.

Sources have told CTV News that Carroll will be replaced as national director, but will retain a key role within Dion's team.

CTV's Roger Smith in Ottawa reports the shuffle will probably be announced Thursday along with other shifts within the Liberal shadow cabinet.

Dion can keep Carroll around in another capacity, but the symbolism is important. You can't win over reluctant Quebec Liberals if the national director is seen as defensive loyalist who sees conspiracy, whether real or a function of paranoia.

I don't see it as a sign of weakness to implement a shake-up, in fact it is common with newish leaders. Remove the irritant and move on, rightly or wrongly, politically a good move.


If what CBC is now reporting is true, then this isn't a shrewd political move, but somewhat of a coup. CBC reports that the management committee met to discuss what to do with Carroll, despite Dion's public support and Carroll become privy to this meeting. Some mention of Carroll threatening legal action, which led to more acrimony, hence Dion's apparent decision. Pretty ugly stuff, and clearly not a positive reflection on Dion, if the committee is undermining his wishes. I think I might want to change the title ;)


Anonymous said...

Remove the irritant and move on, rightly or wrongly, politically a good move.

absolutely - assuming the irritant wasn't one of your 'closest associates'.

lance said...

It's all unconfirmed for now and Antonio's edit on his edit says this news is bogus based on "sources" from Ottawa.

_Who is running the Liberals?_


Anonymous said...

The biggest problem is the selfish leaker - they have to find that scum and get rid of him/her.

I say selfish, because this person isn't considering the party at all or those Canadians who want to be rid of Harper.

Selfish, foolish indeed.

Gayle said...

According to CTV, a Quebec MP just resigned.

It just keeps getting better and better...

Steve V said...

He's not an MP, he's a candidate.

Gayle said...

"A Quebec Liberal MP announced his resignation from the party Monday citing poor leadership by Stephane Dion, while the Liberal national director is expected to lose his post.

Pierre-Luc Bellerose, who represents the Joliette riding, decided to leave the party just days after astronaut and star Liberal candidate Marc Garneau withdrew his candidacy."

Just quoting from the article.

Steve V said...


I know, when I saw that my eyes widened. Maybe that was CTV's intent ;)

What he actually said about Dion is pretty devastating stuff.

Steve V said...


I should probably erase this post, because clearly why and how this is happening, is the complete opposite of a "good move". Who's in charge here?