Monday, October 08, 2007

Going Solo

What the government says about Coderre's trip:
In a separate email to CTV's Bob Fife on Saturday, MacKay's communication director Dan Dugas wrote that it was former Defence Minister Bill Graham "who began a policy in 2004 of not allowing single-MP travel to Afghanistan.... Conservatives accepted that as responsible parliamentarians..."

But the government has maintained that it was the former Liberal administration, under then Defence Minister Bill Graham, who began a policy in 2004 of not allowing lone MP's to travel to Afghanistan.

March 2007:
Tory MP in country

Conservative MP Wajid Khan is also in the region, visiting Afghanistan and Pakistan until Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Is that really a solo trip, considering that the title of the article is about Hillier's visit and the first sentence mentions O'Connor? How did Khan's itinerary compare to the others in-country?

Steve V said...

Well, another coincidence, it just so happened that Khan was in country, at the same time O'Connor was, but they were independent. Sound familiar?

Jeff said...

Ha. A policy Cheryl Gallant didn't mind breaking.

And if the Conservatives are so wedded to maintaining Liberal policies, perhaps they could go back to lowering the flag to half mast when soldiers die. Or re-implement the personal income tax cuts they reversed.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but - Coderre didn't have to go solo if Bernier and Oda had taken him with them would he.

What's Harper hiding - UN and Bernier's view of what's going on are very different - who would you believe?

ottlib said...

Great, so that means the government just had to explain that to Mr. Coderre when he first made request instead of ignoring him for all of those months.

So now some enterprising journalist should ask Mr. NacKay why he did not answer this simple request with the equally simple response.

Although with our MSM, such an obvious question would never even occur to them.

burlivespipe said...

Whot, and kick off one of the staff photo-op photographers?!? No Tory Tour is done with'em...

Gotta love it in Hypocritical Harper land.

And nice shot, BCer.

Anonymous said...

Khan is an incopmtetent crony who bought the seat from Martin but since Martin lost he floorcrossed to be part of rulers to feed his ego and his pocket. I can bet he can even write an Grade 8 essay let alone a report.