Monday, October 08, 2007


Reading an article on the cuts at Environment Canada, the government responds to criticisms with the following:
Baird declined to be interviewed about the troubles at Environment Canada.

But in a statement, Garry Keller, his director of communications, blamed the former Liberal government for the freeze and the cuts. Keller said a $17.1-million budget cut agreed to by Liberal Leader Stephane Dion, when Dion was environment minister, is responsible.

He said the Tory government has increased Environment Canada's main budget by $38 million. Keller said there will be no layoffs, which was never an issue, but did not say if a budget freeze were still part of the plan.

No matter how you approach this issue, the government position makes no sense. The Liberals cut funding by 17 million, but they've increased it by 38 million, which translates to 21 million more, which means Dion's cut's are irrelevant to the excuses. Or, we are blaming the Liberals, despite the fact we have had TWO budgets to deal with the funding. We are all fools apparently, the bullshit so thick the eyes water.

I just can't believe these people have the gall to blame the Liberals, who haven't delivered a budget in two years. What the Liberals did or didn't do is a dodge of the highest order, not to mention an embarrassing, pitiful display to mask incompetence, or deliberate starvation, take your pick. Where's the accountability?


Koby said...

The real kicker is that the Conservatives supported the first Liberal budget.

Oldschool said...

The real kicker is . . . that the libs screwed this country up for most of the last 30 years . . . .
2 years of Harper . . . . we have the lowest unemployment in 30 years and the highest Cdn dollar in 30 years . . . must be doing a great job . . . don't you think!!!