Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bad Timing

You've just been lambasted in a series of primaries and caucuses. You need to change the channel, project a confident front, appear solid and unwavering. So, what do you do? Apparently, it's time to announce you are shuffling your campaign staff, a sure signal to the media that all is well:
Clinton Shuffles Campaign Team

Former Hillary Clinton chief of staff Maggie Williams will take over as campaign manager, Clinton staffers were told today. Current campaign manager and longtime friend Patti Solis Doyle will assume the role of senior adviser.

The switch has been rumored for more than a month – ever since Election Day in New Hampshire, when it was revealed that Williams would be joining the campaign in the wake of Clinton’s loss in the Iowa caucuses. At the time, Solis Doyle was urged to remain on board.

This announcement essentially guarantees another news cycle that raises more questions, clearly gives the appearance that a change is required, right before Tuesday's primaries.

According to the link, the change has been rumored for a month, why the campaign decides to announce this today is hard to believe. I suppose the campaign figured this was a bad day anyways, maybe this announcement would just slip through. I would argue you never make this announcement, if these people are staying on board, no need to formally define roles for the media.

Shuffling, especially at this stage, validates the idea that something had to give, the direction was wanting. However, by publicly acknowledging the need for change, it just fuels the speculation that Clinton's campaign might be in trouble. I say you shut up, keep everyone where they are, even if it a ruse, and ride it out, status quo appearance wise. If this was the decision of the new campaign manager, I don't like Clinton's chances moving forward.

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Anonymous said...

There should be recriminations in Hillaryland. They have been feuding with Mark Penn, who have been overshadowing them.

So the wrong guy got fired. Any hints on how to change the language of this nomination battle?