Friday, February 29, 2008

Conservatives Question Cadman Audio

The Conservatives are questioning the authenticity of the Harper audio tape(thanks kris). Here is the bizarre press release, courtesy of CTV:
"the audio clip in question, while simultaneously monitoring the wave form, there are two noticeable audio and visual inconsistencies. This is exhibited in the voice pattern and background noise dropping by several decibels at first and than a background noise jumping up several decibels, for no identifable reasoning for the timeframe of two seconds"

I'm not going to get into the validity of the technical questions, one because I can't, and two, this is clearly a sideshow. What is relevant here, the fact that the Tories felt it necessary to have the tape analyzed in the first place, with such speed.

In attempting to discredit the tape, is that not an indirect admission that the contents are damaging? If this tape is really benign, Harper fails to implicate or acknowledge any wrong doing, then why go to such extremes to question the tape itself? This smells of a desperate attempt to cast some doubt, cloud the issue, distract, a disinformation campaign. In going to these lengths, the Conservatives actually lend credence to the view that this tape is toxic for Harper.


Another release from the Conservatives. Apparently, if you play the tape backwards, it repeats the words "Stephane Dion is not a leader, not worth the risk" over and over. More, as becomes available...


Oxford County Liberals said...

Ha ha. They're trying to make it into Grewal II. Is Buckets still around? Maybe he can analyze the tape for them. Their press release sounds almost exactly like his blog did when that affair came out.

BTW, we now have Cadman's son-in-law also saying he was told by Chuck about the life insurance offer.

wilson said...

lol, that is funny.
Globe put out Cadman tape, a few paragraphs in.
Cadman repeats the Cons offer.
Laughs at the suggestion of vote buying.

Steve V said...

"Laughs at the suggestion of vote buying"

Wilson, I put more faith in what he tells his family, than what he tells the media. I think the average Canadian will agree.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how the liberals forget about the bribery of Belinda S.

Gayle said...

It is amazing how the silly little anons actually think such a weak attempt at deflection will work.

Funny update Steve!

Vicky said...

I love it!

Sorry Anon, your deflection attempt has failed...

Ti-Guy said...

I wonder which amateur Blogging Tory sleuth got paid to provide whatever hair-brained analysis of the tape the Conservatives are now trotting out? you know? Or do you not work that closely with that unit of CPC Central?

Frank Frink said...

They're desperate. This is straw clutching.

Loraine Lamontagne said...

At least this tape did not transit through the office of Stephane Dion. The Grewal tapes, as I recall, would appear to have been edited by Harper's office, a form of tampering with evidence. In the end, PM Harper refused to answer the questions of the Ethics Commissionner in this regard, preferring to discredit him and firing him.

Jeff said...

Well, if anyone knows about doctoring audio tapes, its the Conservative Party of Canada.

This sounds to me like a case for the infamous Buckets of Buckets of Grewal fame, wherever he may now be...

Scotian said...

The biggest problem with the CPC using the Stronach deflection (aside of course from its obvious irrelevancy to begin with) is that the exact same charge would work against them regarding the Emerson buyout after the last election left them with such a weak minority result. However, as I said it is irrelevant to begin with, as there is a very big difference between appointing a floor crosser to cabinet (which is a political consideration, not a financial one) and offering a dying man financial consideration for his family in exchange for a specific vote.

Not to mention that in the Stronach crossing there was public bad blood between Harper and his wing of the party and Stronach for many months by the time she crossed. So while the timing looks bad there is also more than enough evidence to support her primary basis of leaving being a fundamental clash of principles between her and the party leadership which is a very well known and accepted basis for a person to cross the floor (unlike in the example of Emerson where the only apparent problem he had with Martin was that he lost the election, and cost Emerson his cabinet position in the process which is NOT considered a valid reason for floor crossing by most people, let alone into cabinet) making the argument that she was "bribed" a much harder one to make despite the clear willingness of the Harper CPC and its supporters to do exactly that ever since and to this day.

As to the Grewal defence we are now seeing, I agree that what it shows is a level of fear in the contents of this recording and how they see it as very damaging to the CPC interests, especially given the speed they went to in having this analysis done and then releasing it. I must say this is so damning that I am taking myself off my self imposed moratorium on Canadian politics because of my health concerns because this is something I see as very serious, and something which when taken with all the other questionable actions the Harper CPC has taken in the past three years including my own personal crusade the Grewal fraud and cover-up by Harper shows a very dangerous and corrupt government in the case of the Harper CPC.

A case I might add that I have been making for a long time now, even to the point of stating that the tired Liberals under Martin were still the lesser evil/danger than Harper's CPC, and here we go yet agains with evidence that supports why I see it that way. What Harper and his party appear to have done here is literally criminal and one of the most disgusting political ploys I've ever seen in Canadian federal politics. It also would explain why they were so heavily pushing the Grewal fraud so quickly despite the recordings clearly having problems to them, they needed to taint the waters on the issue of trying to bribe/buy specific votes being offered because of what they did wth Cadman since as I noted already the Stronach example was not strong enough because of that very public long standing bad blood between Harper and her.

I remember hearing rumours about this from the time about improper financial considerations, and both my wife and I remember how Cadman looked when he cast that vote and that there appeared to be something really pissing him off regarding the Harper CPC and this certainly would explain it. It is going to be very interesting to see how this develops, and I will be paying as close attention as I can handle on this one.

Steve V said...

Sandra Buckler:

"We are deeply concerned that an edited excerpt of a taped conversation between Mr. Harper and the book's author is being bootlegged for five hundred bucks a pop by the author. We call on the author to provide Canadians with a complete, unedited audio copy of the author's conversation - from start to finish - with Mr. Harper."

leftdog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
leftdog said...

Last time 'Wilson' graced us with his/her presence, he was trying to defend David McLean (of CTF infamy) during the famous 'sock puppet' storm.

Nice try Wilson .... convincing no one you are!

Karen said...

Steve, I can't wait for this fairly hapless author to release it all. I think we might find that bus noises have been eliminated. Good grief, they are flailing now.

Karen said...

wilson, in a strange way I admire how you so stringently defend Harper. But he has thus far contradicted all that you suggested he brought to the table.

It's as if you are saying it's bad when you bad Lib's are doing bad things, but we can do it too and we're okay.

You sound nutty frankly.

To those who are comparing Stronach and Emerson, there is much to be said about both moves, but under the current laws, that is not considered illegal.

What Harper etal have done, is.

Karen said...

Scotian, I was hard pressed to understand how you could stay out of this one, though I offer you compassion. Please do consider your reality at the moment.

This will not go away, so it can be taken in small bites, not gulps.

Just thinking of you.

Oxford County Liberals said...


Wilson is a "she".

..and I've often said that she needs better material from the Harper constituency office in Calgary... but today is really a good example of that.

Anonymous said...

The Canadian press is confirming (what we in the reality based community already knew) that a one million dollar insurance policy in the circumstances would have been impossible.

To recap:

Cadman says no deal was made.

Harper says no deal was made.

The allegation was a deal which was impossible to carry out.

We know no deal was consummated because Cadman voted against the government.

And this context: A deal WAS made at the very same time with Belinda Stronach, (by the Liberals) in which she was awarded a cabinet position with more money and presitge, in exchange for switching sides.

An illogical, impossible allegation, that was never carried out,


a deal that was certainly carried out, with the effect that the government maintained its position of power amidst the worst corruption scandal in Canadian history.

Another brilliant move by Harper allowing this to come to the fore. Once again, he plays chess while Dion stumbles about playing checkers.

Oxford County Liberals said...

Gee, John.. you're busy carrying the Con. Kool-Aid too. An exact duplicate of what you just left at my site.

Apparently the line of the Con sock-puppets are that the Cadman family are all liars.

Top that off with Kady O'Malley saying at her site today that an interview exists with the Globe blog guy who did an interview with Cadman that "offers were made".

Nice try though.

Gayle said...

Today Duffy outright suggested that if Cadman the offer had been made, who had been so concerned about the financial well being of his family, would have accepted.

In short, according to Duffy, the same man who went into politics on a law and order agenda, would have forsaken all his principles in order to commit a criminal offence (because accepting a bribe is just as illegal as offering one).

Duffy is an ass.

Raphael Alexander said...

Good old Sandra Buckler. Ever the voice of tact and calm, particularly when denying accusations against the government. Tomorrow she will have "misspoke".

Steve V said...

"Another brilliant move by Harper allowing this to come to the fore. Once again, he plays chess while Dion stumbles about playing checkers."

You make wilson sound brillant. Holy smokes man, get off the Con sauce, your just bathing in bullshit.


Duffy also acknowledged that what Cadman told him probably was common knowledge on parliament, which again explains why the Cons zeroed in on this worry.

It was almost pathetic when Duff was interviewing Cadman's daughter and he sheepishly asked her if the medication he was on might have played tricks with his memory. Here's the problem with CTV at the moment, through this whole story. That angle about the medication was circulated by the Conservatives, Duffy and Fife seem to think it is their job to try and validate the Con spin. A credible journalist shifts through the barrage of distractions, and decides if the angle is worthy, but not the CTV gang, they act as conduits for the PMO. It's amazing to watch on one level.

Gayle said...

Steve - I agree, but that question about medication made Duffy look even worse when the daughter answered it. It is quite obvious she was being sincere and was simply there to support her mother, who was being trashed by the cons.

I have been thinking that maybe the reason Cadman was more candid with his wife than the media is because, despite this alleged bribery offer, Cadman did still prefer the cons over the liberals and he did not want to hurt the cons with the truth.

Steve V said...

I think it's pretty reasonable, that Cadman didn't want the spectacle of this going public. According to his daughter, he was bed ridden the day after the vote, it took everything for him to show up at all.

BTW, apart from CTV, Canwest is proving itself to be a Conservative organ. Yesterday, not one of their online papers had the Cadman story, it was nowhere to be found. All of seen today is a NP column spelling out how this all ridiculous. Pretty telling, that this story has gone international, and yet a big news organization buries it. It's actually scary, watching some of the reaction from these outlets.

Karen said...

apart from CTV, Canwest is proving itself to be a Conservative organ.

Apart from CTV?

Where did it go International Steve?

Gayle said...

Steve - it was in the Edmonton Journal again today.

it was also the main story on CBC two days in a row, and I know it was on CTV Thursday night.

Steve V said...


Oh sorry, I might have gotten carried away. Just that the American blogs have picked up on the story.

wilson said...

I assure you all, I am not, never have been, a Conservative employee or volunteer, nor do I live in or near Calgary.
I do contribute to the CPC, and IF I like the candidate, and IF the couple across the street (who I do like alot) put up a Dipper sign, I will call the CPC put a sign on my lawn.

'Wilson, I put more faith in what he tells his family, than what he tells the media. I think the average Canadian will agree.'

Well, I agree.
And that's what brings Chuck's bio into question.
-Do you believe that Dona (as said in the bio) did not know how Chuck was going to vote, yet Duffy and PMSH did know how, and why?
Do you think that Chuck and Dona did not make the decision, on the vote and life insurance, together?
-Tho a very delicate subject, for those of us who have experience seeing the effects of the pain meds used in late stage cancer, don't discount it so quickly.

There are numerous contradictions in the biography.
All of the facts are yet to be collected.

A real head scratcher:
Dona's campaign manager said Friday, Dona is still going to run for the CPC. Dona and PMSH are 100% behind each other.
(because I don't know how to do that tidy link thing, go to CBC, in beautiful BC for the report)

Gayle said...

If the tape is doctored, why doesn't Harper tell us what he really said?

Steve V said...

"If the tape is doctored, why doesn't Harper tell us what he really said?"

Don't hear any denials coming from the PMO, just this nonsense. Maybe Harper "misspoke"?

Anonymous said...

It is intereting that Paul Martin, who had an advanced copy of the book, did nothing with this information. Yes curious indeed.

Gayle said...

Not nearly as curious as why Harper will not set the record straight? Does he believe the tape was doctored or not - and if so, what did he really say?

Steve V said...

"It is intereting that Paul Martin, who had an advanced copy of the book, did nothing with this information. Yes curious indeed."

Not nearly as interesting as whether a sitting PM might be charged with bribery. Now that is interesting, but thanks for offering a branch, I'll stick with the trunk.

Anonymous said...

You might as well have the whole forest, for all the good its going to do. Have fun milking that scandal tree, because you're going to come up dry again.