Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Wednesday?

Anyone who is planning to stay up to watch the California results, might want to think again:
Want to know who will win the California primary? You'll probably be waiting until Wednesday morning -- and maybe longer.

"The East Coast is going to tune in the next morning and we are still going to be counting," said Stephen Weir, the president of the California Association of Clerks and Election Officials and the top election official in Contra Costa County.

One interesting dynamic, besides the maddening inability of a state to count ballots in a timely fashion, the early returns will most certainly favor Clinton:
8:00 PST. Tuesday: After the polls close, all 58 counties will start to report the results of the mail-in ballots that have been received and counted over the last month. Weir expects about 3 million votes to be reported. (Overall he's predicting 56 percent of the state's 15.7 millions voters will cast ballots.)

Only in recent days has Obama closed the gap, which should translate to Clinton receiving strong support with early voters. The media will be dying to make predictions, should be fun watching them over-analyse the early returns.


Steve V said...

CNN just called both races, Clinton and McCain. Technically Wednesday ;)

Anonymous said...

Well I think that McCain's win will be big enough to get him the Republican nomination, but in the case of Clinton, it looks as though she will come out the winner of Super Tuesday, but not by enough to convince Obama to drop out. I calculated the delegates based on the percentage of popular vote for each state so far and I have Clinton with a small lead in number of delegates awared today (845 vs 797 - that is not counting Alaska, New Mexico and Democrats abroad with a total of 40 for them). That race is far from over.

Dame said...

Well I am guessing ..and expect a white tide in the Coming weeks...Am I Cynical?? No just realistic.. Of Course I am for Clinton..At least I know a lot about her ... I am totally scared of the unnown part In Obama .He is a preacher promising way Too much fo fast..

Steve V said...

"expect a white tide in the Coming weeks."

Man, I hate the sounds of that.

Dame said...

Action -reaction..
It was a black tide what worked up to now...
I hate it Too to see it became a race issue...
but this is what it is Now..
I just think Obama is a Huge uncertainity and maybe the Democrats Biggest Blunder in the future..

Steve V said...


Obama seemed to do much better with pale voters last night, for what it's worth. Clinton still very strong with light browns. Yellows look to be a draw :)