Thursday, February 05, 2009

Ignatieff Gets Harper To Nibble, Kennedy Sets The Hook

Hat tip to Jeff for the video. Quite a clever display in QP today by the Liberals. Ignatieff begins with a seemingly easy question, asking the Prime Minister about fair dispersal of infastructure money. Harper rises, thinking he was handed a relative soft ball, a quick, terse response. Then the follow up, Kennedy delivers the evidence to completely contradict the just completed response:

We play chess too. At the very least, the tactic gets inside their heads a little. Well done.


Kris said...

Can't say why he had to wear the translator though.

Anonymous said...

it must be hard to hear with all the heckling in the House

MrvnMouse said...

I read a line during my psychopathology research of late, "What the thinker thinks, the prover proves." This seems vaguely applicable of late.

However, I do enjoy Kennedy, he's my MP. <fanboy&rt; Whoo, Go Kennedy! </fanboy&rt; I remember when I talked with him after a coaltion rally in Toronto in December. He told me some very interesting things.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at an electoral map. Most of the country, aside from the GTA and cities went conservative.

Is it really a surprise that most of the money was being spent in conservative ridings when they represent by far the largest area of the country?

You guys keep propping up the conservatives then sit back and complain about them.

Jeff said...

Take a look at an electoral map. Most of the country, aside from the GTA and cities went conservative.

Yes. You're absolutely right. If we exclude the areas of the country that didn't go Conservative, then most of the country went Conservative. And if my Grandmother had wheels she'd be a wagon.

Steve V said...

The GTA has 163 seats? Who knew?


The government speaks in forked tongue.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the tables are turned. Poor LIEberals.

When the LIEberals ruled Canada they always punished the West.

Example: the LIEberals shut down the military base in Calgary because they did not vote LIEberal. Then moved it to Edmonton, where they elected a LIEberal. LIEberals hate the West so much that they would rather put farmers in jail by selling their own wheat, rather than force Ontario and Quebec under the Canadian Wheat Board. The day the LIEberals will say ALL Canadian farmers will be under the CWB is the day they will get my vote – though the LIEberals did get my vote when the Worst PM Canada ever had promised to abolish/change the Grits Support Tories tax [GST].

The world does not revolve around Toronto/LIEberals any more so get used to it.


Anonymous [9:09]: You are right, If the Bloc/LIEberal/Non Democradic Parties would be quiet so we can hear what the Cons and Independant members say, perhaps things would be better there.

All political parties heckel - something that would not work in any debating club - it shows the immature attitude of ALl parties - not just the Cons.

Anonymous said...

Clown Party - oh yawn...zzzz. Boo hoo. What cry baby. By the way, you need new material. Lieberals and bellyaching about the west is just so yesterday.

Are the Liberals propping up OR "setting up" the CPC?

Ignatieff has put Kennedy in the right spot - he knows Ontario government, needs and Huey, Dewey and Louie (Flaherty/Bair/Clement) having been in opposition to them until they lost in Ontario.


Ted Betts said...

Clown Party: So you concede this is egregious pork and it is anti-democratic?

Anonymous said...

clow party of Canada, with a name like that. it makes it tough to think of you as a credible person and much harder to believe your comments as being sincere. Better start hanging around with sane people.It sounds like your the type that would argue that black is white etc. no matter what the actual color or story really is.

Cheers, Marie

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Down here in Diane Finley's riding, she was tellin' everyone we'd be glad we voted her back in and she's gonna really deliver lots of that infrastructure money to the riding. The implicit message was, of course, keep backing the winner and you'll get some gravy. They ain't hidin' it. They're proud of how well they can deliver the pork to the faithful.