Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where Have I Heard This Before?

As Harper suckles from the Obama teet, as though he the proactive force on reducing GHG emissions, this development today should reveal who is trying to mirror who:
Clinton urges U.S., China co-operation on clean technology

"The United States and China will build an important partnership to develop and deploy clean energy technologies designed to speed our transformation to low-carbon economies," Clinton said in Beijing.

"Areas for useful co-operation include renewable energy, the capture and storage of Co2 from coal plants and energy efficiency in our buildings," she added.

We're just along for the ride...


Tomm said...

The Harper Plan has germinated and broken the soil. It is opening its cotyledons. Once the roots have taken hold, the world will be within his grasp.

Step one: delay action until post-Kyoto.

Step two: Accuse India and China of evil.

Step three: form allegiance with US.

Step four: engage the Chinese through American debt.

Step five: Take over the world!

It is for this reason alone that Harper prorogued Parliament. Twenty five years after his death we will see the transcripts that descibe the two missing hours from Rideau Hall as the keystone in starting the clock.

Alberta Carbon Technology Inc. becomes bigger than Microsoft.

Michael Jean, Ralph Klein, Mike Harris, and the Chair of the Trust Fund for the Obama Children are all Directors of the Board.

Tomm's posts disappear from blogsites.

(evil laugh in background).

Anonymous said...

I think Harper and especially Alberta are making a big mistake right now.

Obama stated clearly that finding ways to use coal cleanly is the forfront of his policy. The same technlogies will apply to the oilsands and shale deposits perhaps with modifications but it is not hard to see that once technology to get oil from any of these sources is available the U.S. can become self sufficient without our oil. This will be especially true if we start using cleaner energy sources for transportation and home heating thu greatly reducing the need for petrolium.

With Alberta blindly building huge pipelines to ship bitumen to those new refineries being built around the great lakes it is not hard to see that there may never be another boom in Alberta because in the future there will be no more need for Canadian produced oil. If I were an Albertan I would be forcing the shutdown of any new pipelines and start sucking up to the rest of Canada to start an east west pipeline so we start using our own oil!

Tomm said...


You are so close to the truth.

Like Bill Gates, the carbon sequestration process from coal, oil sands or other sources will be proprietary. Each tonne sequestered must include $1 to the sole owners, Alberta Carbon Technology Inc.

(organ music rises)