Friday, April 01, 2011

Hope and Humour

A couple videos caught my eye today, this slight glimmer of hope in an otherwise apathetic voter world:

And this video is just stupid funny:


Jerry Prager said...

Loved the first of course, but the second is brilliant.

Jerry Prager said...

The second is funny and true in spirit and silly like all great Canadian satire. And I love the out reach in a language other than English or French. Inspired, Bravo, More.

The first of course I sent you because NNW had linked to the Guelph Mercury. It is so needed, it's not their revolution, of course, because there's a long line for that already, but it's their future, and the fact that they understand that voting is their best hope, gives me hope.

Democracy is a performative: it is something you do with intent.

Jerry Prager said...

Or >Not<