Thursday, June 14, 2007

Most Over-Rated Politician?

According to CBC's The National political panel, the deserving winner is:

The National had a fascinating discussion, involving Chantal Hebert, Andrew Coyne, Allan Gregg and Rob Russo. Various questions, with Mr. Baird getting the nod from both Coyne and Gregg. Coyne basically described him as over the top, prone to bombastic rhetoric that rendered serious discussion meaningless. Gregg said Baird lacked the ability to deal with various stakeholders effectively, which bodes well for the "consultation phase" of the Green Plan. Rob Russo gave Baird another award, in the "most disappointing move" of this year, citing his replacement of Rona Ambrose. Congrats.

Why does this matter? Just the opinion of a couple talking heads, but it is interesting that Harper's preferred pick is failing to impress, in fact his act is wearing thin.


Karen said...

Well they are talking heads that get the word out there.

We all know that Baird was the choice of this PM to articulate the message and while he's conveyed the Coservative message/spin, he is so out of his depth, it's laughable.

If Coyne and Gregg see it, what is up with con's who don't?

btw Steve, did you know that Gregg left the polling firm he helped create? Off on his own now, perhaps giving him more freedom?

Steve V said...

I heard that. I also heard Gregg say John Tory "was a good friend". Let's hope he doesn't do any Ontario polling during the election.

Anonymous said...

Harper keeps reaching deeper into the tank and hauling out nothing but the dead, the dying or the plain stupid.
Suprising to see though, James Travers suggested Dianne Ablonczy is a talent overlooked because of too many other Albertans in important positions. I think I agree with Jim. Dianne is a gem; an uncut gem; a diamond in the rough; a jewel. Baird's act is stale and he's done about as much damage to Harper as he can. Time for a troop rotation.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget - #2 was Flaherty and #3 was Michael Fortier.

The discussion last night was about "Federal" politics and I thought Gregg's push for John Tory was inappropriate.

What was it Gregg called the current government? Oh yes, the FU government...hmmm.

Jay said...

Harper promised open federation not F U Federation was quote you were looking for anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I was struck by Mansbridge's comments that the current state of parliament is the "worst he's seen in 30 years"

Sort of highlites the point that you cannot effectively provide leadership when your base (Reform party) was formed out of anger and spite. The anger and pettiness coming out of the current government overshadows any good ideas this government has. Even when they're technically right
(which I will admit they have been), they wind up being wrong because their approach is "over the top, prone to angry bombastic rhetoric that renders serious discussion meaningless".

Baird is a microcosm of the current Conservative party approach.

Anonymous said...

Closet liberal has it right. Every time the Harperites look like they're about to do something right for a change, they manage to follow it up with something so spectacularly stupid as to lose all political benefit and then some. I can hardly wait to see how they ultimately screw up Prentice's long overdue changes to the land claims process.

Anonymous said...

Every time I see that photo of Baird I can't help but think he's saying. "Go ahead, pull my finger".