Friday, October 19, 2007

More Of The Same

Another poll, this online one from Angus Reid:
The polls results, released at a time when the Conservative government is daring the opposition Liberals to force an election, show 34 per cent of Canadians support the Conservatives; Liberals 29 per cent; New Democrats 17 per cent; Bloc 9 per cent; Green party 9 per cent and 2 per cent for others.

Dion's numbers are bad, but Harper still trails nobody:
Only 9 per cent said they would prefer to see him as prime minister, compared with 32 per cent for Harper.

it's quite telling that so many Canadian (45 per cent) would not pick either man.

When you have an either/or question and 45% won't pick that speaks volumes.

Further proof that women are smarter than men:
The survey shows 40 per cent of men support Harper and only 24 per cent of women.

This poll is pretty much more of the same. I suppose the most useful part, further confirmation that the Ipsos Reid poll, with the "majority terrority", 14% lead that sent Conservative hearts racing, was more an apparition than real.


Anonymous said...

zpnsqnThose online polls can be rigged. some can answer twice, with a different name.

Oxford County Liberals said...

Heh. I suppose I could say something here.. but my position on online polls is well known here.

To be fair though, its more inline with SC and Environics then Ipsos, as Steve said. (It'd be real nice if SES came out with a poll right about now).

Anonymous said...

ipsos was able to replicate 40%

although i question the question wording for dysfunctional politics #1. Very leading, loaded, and could have some respondent biases in it.