Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back Off JT

I read HUD's post, relating to a robo call from Justin Trudeau. Yesterday, I received the same call, and agree Trudeau is a capable spokesperson, that delivers a certain sincerity.

Anyways, a while ago I was lucky enough to receive a SECOND call from Justin, how special I felt. I confess, I did hang up half way through, we've been here before Justin. Well guess what happened about ten minutes ago? You guessed it, JT on the horn for a THIRD time. Robo call error, or man crush?


Anonymous said...

There is a huge irony to this.

There is only one contested election in Vancouver: LPC President.

The race is between two people most Canadians have never heard of before; Alf Apps and Mike Crawley.

Now to some Liberals, the name Alf Apps may ring a bell. He was the Liberal who wrote the memo (forwarded to a couple thousand Liberals, picked up by the MSM) claiming that Jusin Trudeau is a lightweight. More importantly, that if Pierre Trudeau were still alive, he would be ashamed of his, in Apps' words "lightweight", son's opposition to the "Quebec Nation" resolution.

So now the LIberal Party is using the same "lightweight" Justin Trudeau to try to bring LIberals to Vancouver and save the convention.

Ya, I don't like Alf Apps. He is to me a symbol of what's wrong with the LIberal Party (he also tried to dump PET in 1982).

No, I don't know much about Mike Crawley (seems like a decent guy, runs a wind company, did a good job in Ontario).

No, there is no way I will ever vote for the anti-Trudeau Apps and I am driving my family to Vancouver to make sure he doesn't win.

Jennifer Smith said...

Good to know about Apps. I'll keep it in mind.

I got the same robocall from JT yesterday, but today I got a real live person asking me to please consider putting my name forward as a delegate. I was pleased to tell him that I just faxed my Form 6 this morning.

BTW, anyone know what the deal for bloggers is? Accreditation? WiFi?

Anonymous said...

There are more contested than LPC President. YLC races and perhaps NWLC races will be contested as well. President of YLC and NWLC sit on National exec so those position could matter quite a bit.