Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Company You Keep

Noteworthy, that while Harper is painting himself green, has been for years you know, his old confident offers this jewel:
Prof. Flanagan said the province's plan to spend $2-billion on developing carbon-sequestration technology may be necessary to respond to heightened demands for green energy. “Even if you believe as I do that the whole thing is a hoax, nonetheless, from the point of view of doing business I don't think Alberta can afford to walk away from that,” he said.

Does Flanagan mean carbon sequestration is a hoax, or is he referring to climate change in general?


Oxford County Liberals said...

Pretty clear to me he means climate change in general. He's one of these flat-earth society types who believes this has been perpetrated on Western Canada to steal their oil profits. Who else do you think Harper would have gotten the "Kyoto is a socialist scheme" and "so-called greenhouse gases" statements from? None other then his mentor.

Anonymous said...

I think he means carbon sequestration. The thing is just not cost-effective, but it's a great talking point for the energy -- especially coal -- industry.

Anonymous said...

Either interpretation is pretty damning. But why should this get any press? I won't hold my breath waiting for any indepth reporting on whether Harper believes anything he says on the climate change. But to me the evidence has been clear for a long time that he has no intention of doing anything he doesn't have to do?

The word of the day, year, decade is "study" working "towards a solution" some day, long after Harper's government has faded away.

He has no intention of his government doing anything. Never did, never will.