Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reality Check

Quite a bit of coverage, surrounding just how much time Ignatieff will get with Obama. Is it 15 minutes, 20 minutes, less or more? That the focus is on this topic is quite silly, but I had a hunch that some Conservatives would twist it into an attack on Ignatieff. So, I decided to take a rare visit over to the cesspool, and sure enough:
Iggy The Spoiled Child

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, sounding like a spoiled little child, is apparently upset that his meeting tomorrow with US President Barack Obama will only be 15 minutes in length...

Iggy sounds a lot like a child complaining to his mother that his bigger brother got a slightly larger piece of cake after dinner...

I wonder if it every dawns on these people, that the ONLY reason this is even an issue is because that hyper-partisan, SCHMUCK of a Prime Minister we have can't just be an adult and give the opposition leader his fair due. NOBODY would even mention Ignatieff's "time", if not for the crap from the PMO. Period.

Kory Teneycke, defending the schedule:
"This is not inconsistent with how past (presidential visits) were organized," he said.

"You try to minimize the movements. When you're moving the motorcade around - all 50 cars - you're going to burn up a lot of time."

Trying to minimize movements? Seems to me, you don't need the motorcade for Ignatieff to visit with Obama on Parliament Hill, when he's ALREADY there. Instead the Conservatives dump Iggy in the backroom of a hanger, maybe Rae can take a quick snap with his cell to prove the event actually occurred.

There's only one "child" here, who has no class, a constant embarrassment, everything he touches becomes a strategic maze of absurdity.


JimmE said...

Just saw some of a C-PAC show on Presidents & PMs I thought the Dief & Kennedy comment might be the sound of history repeating:
" JFK's Ottawa visit was a triumph for JFK & a failure for Diefenbaker. In contrast Prime Minister Diefenbaker was the opposite of everything JFK was. "

Steve V said...

Maybe that's part of the low key affair. The more the public see the two side by side, the more we're reminded what a relative DUD we have.

Steve V said...

Martin sums up the lameness:

"That was a White House decision, they insist. Fair enough, even though it seems strange to divert the presidential chat to the airport given Mr. Ignatieff’s office is one floor above Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s meeting room in the Centre Block."

Obama afraid of heights maybe... If the Liberals thought like the Conservatives, they'd have 50 people in tap shoes running around Ignatieff's office during Harper's chat ;)

sassy said...

Impolitical - -additional reality.

RuralSandi said...

LOL - Ignatieff can talk to the Obama people anytime he wants - I think he's just trying to point out the pettiness and controlling insecuring of Harper.

Sad - all this visit is costing taxpayers mega bucks and they don't get to see him?

What a joke.

RuralSandi said...

Whoops - I meant to say controlling and insecurity - sorry.

Anonymous said...


It's schmuck. That hyper-partisan, SCHMUCK of a Prime Minister. You're welcome. :)

Steve V said...

Thank-you :)