Thursday, February 12, 2009

What A Joke

Remember all those hard hitting GHG "regulations" that the Conservatives pledged to bring forward A YEAR AGO ? Remember, just prior to the last election, when pressed on the regulation delays, the government said they would wait until after the election?:
But asked about the indirect costs to consumers of the Tory plan to regulate emissions, Mr. Kenney said that calculation will have to wait until later this fall, when the regulations are published.

Environment Minister John Baird later told The Canadian Press that the regulations will not be published during an election campaign.

Regulations to be published in the fall? I was simply dumbfounded that, during the last election, the Conservatives were allowed to take shots at other party plan's for GHG's, without presenting their own plan. That aside, the government intimated that the regulations were almost complete, after a wide consultation process.

Today, we get the latest round of crap from Jim Prentice, who has basically admitted the government has nothing, and needs directions from foreigners, for it's "Made In Canada" plan:
Prentice, who was appearing before the committee to defend his department's need for about $36 million in additional funds, said the government needed more time to consult with industry and the provinces.
More time?

Good question:
"We've gone from 'Made in Canada' to delayed in Canada and made in the USA. Where is your plan for the three-and-a-half years you've been in government?" asked Ottawa Liberal MP David McGuinty.
It's only been 1115 days since this government came into office, and all we have to date is "more time" needed. What a joke.


Anonymous said...

Well, it is a tried and true tactic for conservatives planning to do nothing. The Bush administration was busy studying global climate change for 8 long years.

They plan on doing nothing. That's the plan. If they ever do release a plan, there will be nothing concrete in it, just ideas and some vague subject-to-change targets for 2020 or 2050 or some such nonsense.

Normal mode - neutral (i.e., stalled).

Steve V said...

And, now the Cons have the economy for cover. Prentice was actually selling it today a "new policy", which sort of assumes you had an old one.

Anonymous said...

Do you even understand how it works? First passing legislation into becoming an act 1st then 2nd reading, committee, to the Senate then 3rd reading and Royal Assent, then the regulations have to be written and checked against all other legislation to avoid conflicts.

This can take quite some time, such as the Canada Shipping Act of 2001 wasn't ready for implementation until early 2007.

Get those bureaucrats typing faster and having fewer coffee breaks.

Steve V said...


OMG, that is the worst apologist attempt I've heard in quite some time. Congrats!

burlivespipe said...

I can only imagine the nightmare it must take to have a sensible policy platform wind its way through the maze in the PMO office... Then into the narcissist tunnel that is the PM's brain. No wonder we don't have those police he promised in 2006, nevermind a clear, concise environmental plank!