Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Worm Has Turned

If anyone would have told you three months ago that the Liberals would now appear relatively more stable than the Conservatives, you would have rightfully scoffed at the mere suggestion. It's almost amazing on one level, reading more glowing stories about the impressive Ignatieff team taking shape, while at the same time a mood of doom and gloom hangs over the once-respected Conservative machine.

It's all about optics, and clearly the Liberals are starting to get the upper hand on the Conservatives. Harper does seem down, the Conservatives bravado evaporating and a real sense that the government isn't on steady ground. All this talk of the inner circle regrouping only feeds a sense of vulnerability and weakness.

On the other hand, I can't count how many times I've heard media reporters, even unlikely sources, commenting on the impressive team that Ignatieff is assembling. A real measure of respect, for a perceived formidable group, it's clear that part of this honeymoon is a result of the appearance of talent and competence. Liberals no all too well, that the media "senses" weakness, so if they are buying into the seasoned and capable team narrative, it will serve us well moving forward. That reverence is only helped, when compared with the government side, their "exodus" and regroup supports our relative strength. And, it's not just the media, in some respect, I think the Conservatives are spooked, looking at the strengthened opponent.

The important thing moving forward for Ignatieff, an almost "no news is good news" posture, wherein the Liberals simply convey a sense of purpose, a team hitting it's stride, professional and focused. The media's gaze has clearly turned to Harper, tired of beating up on Dion for two years, no longer given a pass, the hunter is the hunted. Ignatieff has to avoid self-inflicted wounds, stay above the fray and keep looking like a PM in waiting. Present a united party, with a common purpose, while Harper is under the microscope, people now looking for any further evidence to suggest failing fortunes. There's a new carcass on the plains, and the fickle are circling.

Of course, everything could change on a dime in an instant, so this is no time to be over-confident or complacent. Merely, a recognition of this moment in time, which clearly shows, the worm has turned.


Anonymous said...

Macleans has never been a fan of the LPC, and Don Martin - ultimate CPC cheerleader!

Gayle said...

Ok - does this mean they will finally get around to working on their fundraising.

I hardly think I am the most important person in the world, but it does amaze me that they have not even asked me to donate this year after I gave to the maximum last year.

And, yes, I am going to make them ask first.

Steve V said...


Part of the strategy is to NOT ask for donations every time, as in the past. I'm pretty sure it was Rossi, who said they will employ a tactic used by the Democrats, wherein you send a series of correspondence, merely highlighting some issues, no donation request. Then, after a few emails you ask for a donation.

That said, by all accounts, fundraising is top priority, and the numbers are improving.

RuralSandi said...

Funny, I've been asked by Ignatieff, Trudeau and MaCallum already this year.

That photo looks so natural - remember the pathetic one for photo-op purposes around the time of the economic package leaks with Harper and his miserable looking gang?

Steve V said...


Yes, with the seating plan. So natural and unscripted. Is there anything genuine about these people?

Anonymous said...


Harper is known to be a poor listener and a screamer. This is not something you get from Iggy, who is known to be very adaptable and a fast learner. Witness his transformation from academic, broadcaster to war correspondent.

Note the comparison between Iggy's office and Dion's OLO. Under Dion the office was disorganized and many staffers fall in and out of favour quickly. You get a much scripted office now, although many may question the return of old party hacks into the fold.

Gayle said...

Steve - I have not even received an email. In fact, I have received nothing from the Liberal Party since I sent them an email complaining about MP's speaking out against their leader. I think they may have written me off, which is kind of stupid because I am quite certain I am not the only donor who complained about poor discipline.

I guess I will have to use my money for some other worthy cause.

Anonymous said...

but why the heck is he getting in bed with Jack and Gilles again?

Steve V said...


People kill me. Ignatieff is in bed with Harper, he's in bed with Layton and Duceppe. You can't win.


That's too bad, hopefully you get something soon. As a matter of fact, it will be a testament to how effective the new team is at "mining" the lists, because you'll clearly show up somewhere.

Gayle said...

Well Steve, according to Janke, Ignatieff hates Ukrainians, so I am just assuming he went through the donor lists and asked them to strike everyone with a Ukrainian name. :)

Steve V said...

Good to know :) Man, the Cons are really flailing these days...