Sunday, April 29, 2007

Gore Competitive

I saw this poll of Florida voters, with different hypothetical matchups. The numbers suggest that Al Gore looks credible, despite criticism he has moved out of the mainstream:
49 per cent of respondents in Florida would support the former New York City mayor in the 2008 election, while 41 per cent would vote for Democratic New York senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Giuliani also holds an 11-point lead over Illinois senator Barack Obama, and a four-point edge over former U.S. vice-president Al Gore.

If the 2008 election for President were being held today, and the candidates were (the Democrat) and (the Republican), for whom would you vote?

Rudy Giuliani (R) 49% - 41% Hillary Rodham Clinton (D)
Rudy Giuliani (R) 49% - 38% Barack Obama (D)
Rudy Giuliani (R) 47% - 43% Al Gore (D)

John McCain (R) 45% - 45% Hillary Rodham Clinton (D)
John McCain (R) 41% - 41% Barack Obama (D)
John McCain (R) 46% - 43% Al Gore (D)

Fred Thompson (R) 38% - 48% Hillary Rodham Clinton (D)
Fred Thompson (R) 35% - 42% Barack Obama (D)
Fred Thompson (R) 36% - 48% Al Gore (D)

Gore has the smallest gap of the three Democrats against Giuliani and Thompson, slightly off against McCain. These numbers tell me that Gore is a realistic choice for the Democrats. You get no sense that Gore is too left or divisive in these numbers.


Stephen said...

I didn't even know Fred Thompson was running.

I'd like to see Gore run. I don't pay too much attention to polls, but he is not nearly the polarizing figure that Hillary is, and I think he attained kind of an iconic status since his last presidential run.

Mushroom said...

Where is Mitt Romney in these polls?

He is by far the most popular primary candidate among the Republicans. Note the money he has raised.

John Edwards is doing well on the fund raising circuit. Where is he in the polls?

Gore's popularity will do him well if he makes a run. But the Democratic primary race is a brutal one, and I am not sure how he can evolve from "An Inconvenient Truth" to the comeback kid.

Miles Lunn said...

Mushroom - Mitt Romney would get creamed and if anything he would probably be the best Republican choice if one is hoping to see the Democrats re-take the White House. I Would say Guiliani will be the most difficult opponent for the Democrats.

Besides this is only Florida, I would be interested to see some other swing states such as Nevada, New Mexico, Iowa, and Ohio, which are ones the Democrats have a better chance at picking up.

My personal pick though would be Barack Obama as he appeals to hope rather than fear and he seems to be less polarizing than Hilary Clinton. John Edwards is also another one to watch.