Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Rim Shot

This is a great line by Dion:
"You can't blame the Conservative party for running negative ads," Dion said.

"They wanted to do a commercial about all the good things they've done . . . but there wasn't enough material for a 30-second spot."

The best way to combat the negativity, embrace it with humour. Dion's comment sums it up nicely. We have a government that brags about its record, keeping commitments, showing strong leadership, a new direction, and yet, they prefer the attack ad over trumpeting their achievement. That fact speaks volumes about the nature of the government.


Gayle said...

He must have changed speech writers. First the "clarity/Flaherty" thing and then this.

I truly believe a good sense of humour and being a "good sport" are necessary attributes of a successful politician. Hope he keeps it up!

Gayle said...

(Though I must say it is kind of sad that one funny comment can be the subject of a post. Hopefully getting his shots in will become a more common occurance!)

Steve V said...

"I truly believe a good sense of humour and being a "good sport" are necessary attributes of a successful politician."

I think it plays a lot better than crying foul. Dion looks at ease, while simultaneously taking a clever shot.

Phillip said...

What does "matteeerrrrl" mean? It's not English. It's not French.

His speech writers can write all the jokes they want. When it comes to delivering them, Dion comes up short (and incoherent).

Sheeple said...

This is actually not a new line. And Dion has been good with the zingers for a while.

burlivespipe said...

It's key to also basically say, "hey, if he wants to take potshots at me, that is fine, but he can't accept similar treatment from a premier? Sounds like Mr Harpor has a thin skin.'

Brian Appel said...

Very witty. A good sense of humour will help Dion connect better with Canadians. And I agree with Gayle that it's a shame that his wit is the subject of posts, but that will change soon, I would think.

Anonymous said...

Oh the lack of fairness Canada has developed. I couldn't understand Dion as first, but really the man has improved. He is working on it - he has an English teacher.

Harper had to do the same thing to learn French.

The double-standard is silly. Just plain silly.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Scott Brison is good - perhaps he should give Dion some lines.

Anonymous said...

Bragging and boasting is about "empty wagons rattle the most"

I was reminded of this old saying on another site. Harper's
constant pounding on his chest with his Tarzan war cry reminds me of this.

I think he must use too much steriods.