Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nail Meet Head

The new Dion ad is perfect in tone and addresses the key concern. I've already argued that Dion needed a presentation that highlights his leadership ability, and this ad picks up on one of themes.

I think it is simply brillant, the portion of the ad that has Dion sitting at the climate conference table, with the word PRESIDENT clearly visible. Dion raises his arms in victory, and you get the sense of accomplishment. Fantastic imagery, and a clear signal that the Liberal braintrust understands the challenge.

This type of ad also allows Dion to claim the high ground. The Tories roll in the muck, the Liberals choose a positive message. That theme is a key one, mean-spirited partisanship vs possibilities, something which will resonate well with Canadians.

If Dion can show Canadians that he is a leader, and there are other examples at hand, then the Liberals have a real chance come the next election. I view this ad as confirmation that strategists know the plot, and it represents a great first step in introducing Canadians to Dion. Well done.


knb said...

I really like the ad too. It's to the point, takes the high road and brings his persona back to what it actually is.

What a contrast to the miserable shlock (sp?) the con's put forward.

My one tiny criticism, is a pet peeve of mine. Harper, who of course speaks french, pronounces Stephane's sur name, Dee-on. The voice over uses the same pronounciation. While it grates on me, I will say it's good strategy and was no doubt looked at. It diffuses the ability of the con's to over-exaggerate that nuance. Plus, it's playing in English canada.

It's about time, it looks slick, as in professional, and makes the conservative ad's, even with all their money, look third rate.

Scott Tribe said...


Thanks for the tip, but your link points at my general site.. not the specific article. That is here

Ed said...

Direct YouTube link here

Sassy said...

Great spot, made my day.

Steve and Scott, thanks for bringing it to my attention.


Anonymous said...

Love the add...
brings out the inner-dweeb

How many can the libs afford?? Ads for a week??

Gotta find somewhere new to loot??

How's that grassroots thing going??

Stirring draw at the Empire club..

All the waiters share their tips with you Mr. Dee-on???

richard said...

Yes, it really hits the mark. Tells us exactly what he accomplished. right.
Makes the disinterested viewer think "If he fixed it, why do we still have a problem? doesn't make sense ... oh, this is the guy, somebody told me he wasn't much of a leader - i guess they were right ..."

Steve V said...

"How's that grassroots thing going??"

Pretty good actually, thanks for asking :)