Sunday, April 01, 2007

Liberal Ads On The Way?

During a CBC roundtable, a reporter claimed that the Liberal Party will release television ads shortly, to counter another round of Tory attacks ads. There was no qualifer, but assuming this is true, I think it's a great idea.

No matter the financial reality, you simply can't let these Conservative ads run without a response. The ad buy doesn't necessarily have to rival the Tory expenditure, because media coverage will provide another avenue for exposure. What is critical, fighting back and not allowing the Tories to define and mis-characterize.

I would speculate there has been much debate over the tone of the ads. Dion is on record rejecting attack ads, and has argued for the high road. This fact suggests ads with a positive spin, which will attempt to contrast Harper's preference for the gutter. Having said that, I hope the ads aren't completely warm and cuddly, because there are some important themes that we need to cultivate, as they relate to the government.


knb said...

It was Lawrence Martin I think Steve.

I don't think they'll be all warm and cuddly, by his description. I will say that was a much more interesting group today. He and Geddes actually said more than what the ridiculous headlines are saying, though I thought MacNeil and Solomon were still stuck in the old script.

It'll be interesting to see what they come up with and I hope they money for a few focus groups before running them, :).

Steve V said...

Thanks knb, I couldn't remember who said that :) It was a good discussion, and I particularly liked the framing of tactican as opposed to leader, that may be key in the next election. Good government, or high quality chess?

A Quantum Liberal said...

How much money do we have? What the assholes over at the CPC?