Monday, April 09, 2007

Great Gift Ideas

Have you visited the Conservative Party's online gift boutique?. I must say, the site does offers some great gift ideas:
A Quebec specific purchase, this item offers consistent protection from the money raining in from Ottawa. Buy two during budget time!

What better way to wait for greenhouse gas emission legislation.

Holds 22 ounces of kool-aid.

Look sharp, and have the ability to receive wireless, encrypted instructions, from the "war room", via a hidden transmitter. A must have come election time.

Why waste all that hot air?

Someone get my credit card away from me!


Prairie Kid said...

These items might work very well for the Liberals too.

Umbrella: Turn it upside down and it holds all sorts of brown paper bags filled with money.

Watch: Could be used to keep track of the years Liberals will spend in opposition.

Kool-Aid: Could contain a fresh batch made by Dion especially for Cherniak.

Hidden transmitter: Could be used by someone to translate into English what Dion is trying to say in English.

Balloons: Could contain 145 election promises so that Liberals could float all of them past Canadians to see which ones they should all of a sudden endorse as the #1 concern of all Canadians.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't lame at all PK...don't let anyone tell you that it was either.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, Prairie Kid hasn't been paying attention to what his belove Cons. Party have been up to.

Pays to open your eyes kiddo. I think Pairie Kid (and I mean 'kid) would live the Kool-Aid container only in a bigger size.

What a little mind.