Monday, April 02, 2007

New Attack Ad To Run In Quebec

Instead of touting how they fixed the "fiscal imbalance" in Quebec, the Conservatives plan to go after Dion:
the new ad, which will air only in French, and only in Quebec starting Tuesday, focused on Dion, saying the Liberal leader denies the existence of a "fiscal imbalance" with the provinces — an imbalance they claimed the federal budget resolved.

Dion wants to "return to power as soon as possible," the ad intones, over quotes and headshots of the Liberal leader. He would "return Quebec to the past," the voiceover says.

It is interesting that the "fiscal imbalance" ad will only run in Quebec, which I view as testament to the uneven budget. This election may come down to one simple question, can Quebecers be bought?


Anonymous said...

What was already promised to Quebec plus the $900,000 aerospace deal - God how much has it cost the rest of Canada to keep Quebec happy?

Boy are we suckers or what.

Dumont - wants autonomy. That means (he NOT a federalist) that we would pay for the partnership between Canada and Quebec so that Quebec could have independence.

I think this is an issue that should be stressed right across the country.

Steve V said...

Don't forget the 110 million for the Quebec City 400th celebrations, which by the way is 3 times more than the provincial contribution.

Ed said...

can Quebecers be bought?

We'll find out this spring, it would seem.

Ti-Guy said...

I've said it before on this blog; Harper is engineering a coatlion of Canada-hating Albertan and Quebec separatists (a tiny minority of the Canadian population) to destroy this country.

When I was young, these two groups were like red ants and black ants...they couldn't stand each other. Now they've found a common purpose at last.

Steve V said...

"Narrowism" is born!

knb said...

It's a pretty pathetic ad imo.

Harper indeed is trying to divide Canadians. Just think of that for a minute. We have Prime Minister who is more concerned with pitting citizen against citizen, province against province, and "winning" a majority, than he is about the welfare of this country.

This election may come down to one simple question, can Quebecers be bought?

I don't believe they can and I think Harper has made a mistake here. The province of course won't refuse the money, but I think Harper is underestimating the intelligence and political savvy of Quebec voters.

There will be some of course who will buy the ploy, but this continuous bashing of a native son, is a bad idea I think. Think about the message control required here. How many con's have criticised Dion for being French, being another Leader from Quebec, etc. If we were in an election, don't you think MP's in other parts of Canada are going to use those lines?

I guess what I'm saying is, you can't keep building a house of cards and expect it to stand, when your engineers are blowing a lot of hot air in the house's direction.

Miles Lunn said...

It seems Harper is doing Mulroney's strategy all over again, say one thing in French and another in English. This worked well initially as Mulroney won two back to back majorities, but in the end this alliance hurt the party more than helped after the party got destroyed being reduced to only 2 seats, so even if this helps Harper in the short-run, it will eventually backfire. The question is when, not if.

Steve V said...


I agree. How long can his western base accept the duplicity? Harper's dual messaging is even more egregious than Mulroney's, given the Reform core, which used the "easterner" angle to flourish.