Monday, April 09, 2007

Why Canadians Should Want An Election

If anyone is concerned with good government and responsible use of taxpayer money, then they should relish an early election call. I still think the chances of an quick election are strong, but recent polls have created some doubt. Objectively, the best thing for Canada is an immediate election and here's why.

There is no doubt that the Conservative government has formulated policy within the idea of a early election. The rash of big ticket expenditures, a transparent election budget, all co-ordinated to maximize vote potential. Little regard for long-term fiscal responsibility, out of control government spending(8% rise) and what amounts to direct voter buying, as it relates to the mythical imbalance. The government is operating with short-term goals in mind, sacrificing balance for political expediency.

Let's say that an election doesn't happen, despite the transparency of the government, then what? You hear talk of a fall election, when Flaherty will release a financial statement. There is already speculation that if an election is delayed, the Conservatives will look for further tax relief prior to a call. In other words, if this moment is lost, we can expect another rash of irresponsible, short-sighted spending announcements, with voter appeal the only consideration. Canada can't afford to have a government that is forever in election mode, it will take a fiscal toll, not to mention no sense of real responsibility.

The Tories have spent with an election in mind, the best thing for Canada's long-term interest is simply to have that election. The alternative is more of the same, while the government squanders.


Anonymous said...

There will be an election. Harper has to go now, otherwise it may be the Fall of 2008.

He is not going to let Dion a year to organize.

Steve V said...


I agree. Having said that, I suspect the Tory braintrust expected better polling results, which may cause some hesitation. If you look at the Conservatives standing, it gives another angle to Dion's "never has so little been done with so much" line. The "orgy" of spending was clearly done with the intention of getting the Conservatives into majority terrority, the fact that hasn't happened may give them some pause.

Anonymous said...


Then why don't you expand this into something different.

Why Dion should muster the votes in the House of Commons to defeat the Harper government?

If he can, then the election can be delayed. Dion can form a coalition government and control the timeline for a new election.

Steve V said...

" Dion can form a coalition government and control the timeline for a new election.'


I'm not really sure that is realistic option at this point.


There will be a spring 2009.

Anonymous said...

My Gut feeling NEVER was wrong/only I was wrong when didn't follow it..../

And now I feel Bully Boy Steve can be kicked in the arse and he will go off into the sunset case an election is held in the near Future..... so Go For It!!!

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marta from Vancouver

Anonymous said...

As long as the competitive nature of political partisanship persists, having another election won't solve the issues of "bugetary electioneering" and "perpetual campaigning" if we get another minority, regardless of which party forms government. What needs to happen (and don't ask me when or how) is for all the parties to realise that there will be NO MAJORITY GOVERNMENT in the forseeable future and that all parties in Parliament must have a role in creating policy and passing legislation. Partisanship must stop being about competition and start being about representing the values of a constituency in a workable, negotiated compromise.

JimBobby said...

Dalestreet's on the money, sez I. With the rotten separatist BlocHeads entrenched as deeply as they are, minority governments are what we'll get far more often than not. Harper and the rest of the House o' Comments need to grtasp that reality. Canajuns don't wanna spend $300 mil on an election every year an' a haff. With that cycle, nothing gets done.

The Grits can't possibly win a majority. The Cons can't, either. They need to fergit about an early election and work like MP's instead o' like candidates.

Callin' fer an election an' thinkin' it's gonna get rid o' Harper is not only denyin' the realitty of the polls but it's puttin' up a roadblock in the way of real action. Canajuns want parliament to do it's job an' that job is workin' fer Canada not fer the LPC, CPC, NDP or BQ.

If the minority won't obey the will of the majority, the MP's need to make 'em obey. An election ain't the way to get anything done.


Steve V said...


That is a good point, and I did consider it. Minorities do breed voter friendly budgets.