Wednesday, June 10, 2009

“Am I going to get blamed for this?”

Lisa Raitt seems to have a preoccupation with appearances. Today, we learn more about the Jim Prentice angle, and it's noteworthy not because she calls the wind energy group "whiny" and again shows concern for her career, but because it reveals something about this government's environmental priorities:
Money earmarked to support wind energy producers was diverted to research and development in the oil patch in backroom budget wrangling, the minister of natural resources said in a conversation with an aide in January.

Lisa Raitt told aide Jasmine MacDonnell that she suspects Environment Minister Jim Prentice took the money for wind power and redirected it to his Clean Energy Plan – a $1-billion fund for research and development in the oil sands.

The revelation is likely to intensify criticism of the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper as unfriendly to the environment.

Now that this priority discussion is in the public record, I think Canadians would like to know what Mr. Prentice has to say. Apparently, something is afoot, because Prentice won't talk, always a sign with this government that something substantive lies underneath:
Mr. Prentice's office refused to comment on the recording on Tuesday, and the minister's office told reporters he would end a media question and answer session on Wednesday if anybody asked him about the recording.

Ooooh, they'll end media availability, if someone dares ask Prentice a question about his file. The nerve of some people.


Anonymous said...

I thought that the Conservatives' motto was something about "honest, open, and accountable". Tell me where that fits in when Prentice says he'll shut down an interview if anyone broaches a certain subject.

It's not just Prentice, it's been going on since the first Harper election several years ago.

They put the lie to the motto, don't they?

Steve V said...

"I thought that the Conservatives' motto was something about "honest, open, and accountable"

That's so 2006. Even Greg Weston said this is the most secretive, unaccountable, closed government in Canadian history. They're quite simply, and old Reformers should be livid, a complete and utter FRAUD.

Jerry Prager said...

And then there's that third place PC place in the Nova Scotia election, social democrats first, liberals second, Progressive Conservatives 3rd, Greens 4th, Reformatories ? rejected.

crf said...

End media availability?

What country do they think they're playing at governing? It doesn't sound like Canada ... more like a pseudo-democracy.