Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The PMO released a photo of Harper meeting with the Chinese Foreign Minister. The picture was described as a "warm moment":

Yes, nothing conveys warmth like a photo op with a constipated looking Prime Minister. Chalk it up to the limitations of your subject matter I suppose.

Ignatieff also met with the Foreign Minister:

The standard smily photo op, wherein neither participant is in urgent need of a stool softener.

As an aside, Ignatieff will embark on a novel idea for a Canadian "leader", actually visiting China in September. Bizarre I know.


Anonymous said...

Ignatieff 's visit to China will not be official, unfortunately. There are protocols. But, there are lots of former Liberal PM's who have businesses in China. They could host him but he won't be able to meet with senior officials on a personal basis.
You should know that about going to China for politicians. Anyone can go "unofficially" - but he can't speak for the government nor can he have government to government talks.
But, he can go to visit Canadian/Chinese private sector. I've been on several trade missions to China through various chambers and government funded junkets. He could too.

RuralSandi said...

Yup, nothing says warm like a overly coiffed hairdo - look at Harper's hair. It's like it's painted on.

Official or not official - Ignatieff was invited and that's a good start.

RuralSandi said...

By the way - body language. Harper's hands are clutched, legs crossed, arms close to his body - means he's shutting people out, not open.

Steve V said...


I agree on the body language. Harper rarely looks comfortable speaking with people.

Anonymous said...

I do have to admit it is a pretty frosty image. If you were sitting in the visitor's place, expressing yourself as he is with open arms (literall), would you feel the warmth from that reception.

To get any more twisted in his composure, Harper would have to take up calisthenics.

I agree with you, Steve. They must not have had much to work with for that to be the image they ran with.

Steve V said...


His handlers probably thought that was a great pic, which is sad when you think about it.

Anonymous said...

Much as I would love to criticize Harper for anything this photo actually passes the protocol test with flying colours.
Harper's rossed his legs towards the other person and his hands are well infromt of him and fingers lightly laced together showing attentiveness and openess.
As a former media relations advisor this is pretty good for a seated photo op shot.
The Chinese gentleman is showing animation using his hands and sitting forward on his seat which shows respect for Harper.
There is a standing shot of Ignatieff with the guy - not a good one for protocol. Ignatieff has too much space between them, his shoulders angle away and Ignatieff is aiming his body more at the camera showing some lack of respect. He could do with some better media advisors. I think it is his wife usually - maybe a Canadian would better understand the nuances.