Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Conservatives Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks

It's sort of amusing that Conservatives are now reduced to warning Liberals against entertaining a vote of non conidence. Stephen Taylor gives Liberals some friendly advice, detailing why we might want to think again. In so doing, the defensive posture actually speaks to why the Liberals really should entertain. I found this passage particularly noteworthy:
Strategically, going to an election in July wouldn’t be ideal for Mr. Ignatieff as a $5-6 million Conservative pre-writ ad buy defining the Liberal leader would be much more effective if the Conservative messaging is fresh in the minds of Canadians.

There's another way of interpretating this logic. The fact your opponent has recently found it necessary to unleash the largest non-election attack ad expenditure in Canadian history, confirms that the situation is quite desperate and you're generally worried. It's also fascinating, that Taylor argues the "fresh" angle, when for the last two weeks, Conservatives have responded to the initial blowback against these ads, evidence of virtually no immediate impact, with the retort that people should take the "long view"- these ads are such, that there true impact can only be measured after many months of "framing". Now, Liberals should worry about the wildly successful short term impacts. Alright then, duly noted.

In a strange way, the more Conservatives warn us why we need to avoid a non confidence, the more I'm inclined to believe the timing deserves further consideration.


A BCer in Toronto said...

There is one very simple thing the HarperCons could do to avoid an election, and it seems to be an option Taylor and Co. are ignoring: actually govern effectively and competently.

You know, like not bungling nuclear reactor management or leaving secret files at TV stations. Not underestimate deficits by orders of magnitude.

Or maybe, and this will sound crazy, maybe try working with parliament on issues like employment insurance. Maybe try actually getting stimulus out the door. Right now, they're at something like six per cent. Maybe because they're focusing primarily in just Conservative ridings.

If the Conservatives want to avoid an election, the power is in their hands: stop sucking.

Steve V said...

"stop sucking"

Man, you drive a hard bargain.

Daniel said...

Sure, they'd love for the Liberals to get it into their heads that they shouldn't force an election while the Conservative's attack ads are fresh in the public's minds.

If that thought takes hold then all the CPC has to do stave off an election is to keep running ads. I'm pretty sure Mr. Ignatieff is smarter than that. :)

Anonymous said...

If it was just a matter of winning, the liberals should wait. Let the Conservs empty out their treasury on these ads. Let their true colours show and the impact on the economy. But it isn't just about winning. Harper is damaging the country. He can't leave fast enough for me.

Anonymous said...

If the Conservatives aren't in campaign mode, why the hell is he spending millions a day on his dirty ad's. They are dicusting, full of lies and they only make Harper look like the idiot he really is. Anyone with half a brain can see him for what he is. A vindictive control freak who is totally out of control. I think if that continues much longer, Canadians will show up at the polls to fire this low lifer right out of Canada.

But keep it up dictator. The more he does those silly attack ads, the more that sensible Canadians see him for what he really is. A bully, a nut case and a poor excuse for a Prime Minister.


Tof KW said...

Screw it!!!!!

Election now!!!

Then these f*cking stupid “not a Canadian” attack ads fall under election spending limits. That and the Libs can finally start getting some TV ads out there. God knows we’ve got enough material on Harper and his incompetent minions, and you don’t even need to go back more than 6 months for any of it.

Sure it’ll just be a Lib minority, but at least we’d have 2 years of election peace, and most importantly Harper can finally move south and start on that gig he’s trying for on FOX News. Maybe even his own show between Sean Hannity and the O’Reilly Factor?

LMA said...

The Agenda on TVO tonight was about the future of high speed rail in Canada, and Ignatieff was cited as the only leader in a long time to show any vision for such new, innovative, nation-building projects. Ignatieff is exactly the kind of forward looking leader Canada will need in the coming years. Bring on the non confidence vote Ignatieff and let's get going!