Sunday, June 07, 2009

Scraping Bottom

The companion piece to "Favorite MP's", a list of our representatives that are prone to display the worst traits, generally lowering the level of discourse:


As a student in history, I'm quite confident that Stephen Harper will go down as the most divisive, hyper-partisan Prime Minister in Canada's history. It all starts at the top, all the nonsense before QP, all the obstructions in Committee, all the ridiculous robo responses of surrogates, Stephen Harper is without question the WORST. The level of discourse will rise immediately after Harper is defeated, addition by subtraction.

Quite simply, Pierre Poilievre is a perpetual GOOF. No matter the forum, has the unique ability to interject completely unrelated information, with the sole focus on smearing opponents. I've actually never heard Pierre engaged in a high signal debate, it always degrades to the lowest level. An embarrassment at every turn, one would like to think high minded Conservatives would agree.

The master of bombast, a heckler who stands alone, John Baird always makes it personal. One of the most laughable appearances I've seen recently, John Baird taking to the airwaves to defend Pierre's "tar baby" crack, lamenting the "gotcha politics" we seen in todays Ottawa. Talk about a live in a glass house moment, Baird
represents all that is wrong with partisan politics.


Denis Coderre is prone to exaggeration, rarely able to make a coherent argument without interjecting something off color. When he rises in Parliament, you can almost hear the moans, as everyone wonders what over the top rhetoric is to come.

I've never been a fan, and while he doesn't share some of the other notables penchant for gutter politics, I always have a hard time believing anything that comes out his mouth. Volpe's seems phony, a career politician who's been in Ottawa too long. As far as I'm concerned, the Liberals should have turfed him after his scandalous leadership run.

Jim Karygiannis is a loudmouth. Jimmy K's CLASSLESS performance when Dion was already ready to step down really showed his true colors. Prides himself on being a "straight shooter", I think that's just a cover to rationalize RUDE.


Somebody who might need some anger management, get Thomas Mulclair excited and we enter the unglued zone. A really smart chap, but another politician who can't just make a strong argument for it's own sake, forever looking for the partisan shot. If anyone noticed Mulclair going ballistic during the Raitt QP this week, they might have seen his NDP colleagues squirming in their seats, barely applauding when he was done. Mulclair has been a huge disappointment since coming to Ottawa, and watching him makes me think Charest is glad he's gone.

Whenever a "scandal" breaks, nobody is more sanctimonous and indignant than Pat Martin. There always seems to be a nasty edge to any of Martin's commentary, in Committee he's a grandstander of biblical proportions.

I'm going to give Jack Layton an honorable mention, because he does display class and grace on occasion and he is a genuine advocate most of the times. However, sometimes Jack is so transparent in his arguments, forever looking for the edge, and alot of the times missing the real target as a result. I think Jack just knows the game to well now, and sometimes his valid arguments get lost in his partisan calculations.


JimmE said...

Many years ago, I think JC was still opposition leader there was a rule. JK was not allowed to speak in the house. That this fella is still there is, frankly an embarrassment.

Raphael Alexander said...

I was pleased to see Dennis Coderre in first place. He is the first onc I think of as well.

Mike said...

I am one Pierre's unfortunate constituents and let me tell you, he does the same thing even on the local level. He will literally manufacture "crisis" and completely make up positions his local opponents don't have.

The guy is a born liar. And he is good friends with Baird...some say very good friends.

Anne Peterson said...

Then there is Rob Nicholson's uber paternal patronizing manner and Jason Kenny's tack and don't forget the Tory back benchers who all stand up and repeat the same talking points as though they have all had a lobotomy and been reprogrammed.

I admire Pat Martin and I don't mind a little well spoken fire from Thomas Mulcair. And whatever you can say about Denis Coderre and Olivia Chow they don't tell wall to wall porkies.

RuralSandi said...

Boy, the decision from the Cons must have been hard - too many choices, not enough time. Some that I really can't stand if Vic Toews, Del Mastro, Goodyear....oh my gawd it's so hard to pick.

Peter Julian drives me insane. Hands flying, yelling, screaming in a debate in the House. If he has 30 minutes, he spends 20-25 minutes of it (over dramatically) trashing the other parties. All of the NDP are so sanctimonious.

Your Lib choices are okay, but Coderre is very helpful in Quebec.

A high-minded conservative said...

I would agree

Don't Tase Me, Bro! said...

And he is good friends with Baird...some say very good friends.

Mike, If you are referring to Baird's closet homosexuality, I doubt think that's appropriate since there are so many other things to nail Baird and his acolyte on.

That said, I totally agree with Volpe and Jimmy K as the worst Liberals ever. Being in office for over 20 years have definitely turned them inside out. They have zero credibility on anything relating to honestly. Jimmy K's the guy going around stuffing bubble gum into payphones, and Volpe takes donations from kids. I've seen these two in person and they literally reek of corruption and bile as they stand in front of me. Iggy made a big mistake helping to keep these two around.

Oemissions said...

Yes from me for Martha and Libby!