Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Rae Defends Raitt

With all the drama surrounding Raitt and the secret documents, Bob Rae offers the embattled Minister a lifeline:
"One plausible explanation is maybe she thought CTV was a branch of the government, I can't explain it"
Said with a wry smile and a telling glance, Rae takes a pointed jab at Conservative TeleVision.

On a more serious note, what others are saying about Minister's accountability and missing government documents:

"It obviously was not done on purpose. It was a mistake. But it doesn't matter. It was clearly done and that has to be treated appropriately. There are precedents and this obviously is a warning to all Ministers."

- Prime Minister Stephen Harper,, May 26 2008

"Mr. Bernier has learned and informed me that he left classified government documents in a non-secure location. This is a serious error. The minister has accepted his responsibilities in offering to resign."

- Prime Minister Stephen Harper, CTV News, May 26 2008

"This is about one thing, and that is a failure to uphold expected standards on government documents. It is a very serious mistake regardless of who the minister is."

- Prime Minister Stephen Harper, CBC Radio's World Report, May 27 2008

"We certainly take adequate care to ensure that they are not disclosed, and that they are not left behind somewhere, and unfortunately, the minister broke those rules."

- Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Global National, May 27 2008

"Mr. Speaker, the rules governing classified documents are always serious. That is why, when the minister became aware of the situation, he told me and tendered his resignation, which I accepted."

"Ministers are always responsible for the protection of classified documents. The minister admitted his mistake in this matter and resigned his post. That is why I accepted his resignation. The former minister did the honourable thing by resigning."

"The minister admitted that he failed to protect classified documents. That is why he offered his resignation and why I accepted it."

- Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Hansard, June 2, 2008

"The former minister of foreign affairs informed me about the problem with the documents on Monday and offered his resignation, and that is why I accepted it."

"The former foreign affairs minister admitted that he left classified documents in unsecured premises. That is the reason why he tendered his resignation and I accepted it."

- Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Hansard, June 3, 2008

"We know the reason the former minister of foreign affairs offered me his resignation was because of his own actions. He left classified documents in an inappropriate and unsecured location. He offered to resign and I accepted his resignation."

- Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Hansard, June 18, 2008

Sounds pretty cut and dry, according to Mr. Harper.


JimBobby said...

Whooee! Yer right, Steve. Cut an' dry. One big difference between this lapse of security and Bernier's is the fact that the contents of these documents have been revealed. I don't think the contents of Bernier's briefs was entirely exposed. Mmle Couillard's plunging neckline notwithstanding.

I am hoping that he actual content of the Raitt documents is not lost in the brouhaha over the security lapse. The secrets were things that probably should not have been secret. They involved the spending of public funds -- our money -- not issues of national security but, rather, issues that could embarrass the Cons.

The disclosure of billions of dollars being wasted on failed a technology and an incompetent AECL is what is really important. Knocking an incompetent minister out of her seat is great sport but let's not lose sight of the fact that these documents reveal a culture of incompetence and wastefulness at AECL.


Anonymous said...

Bob Rae is such a brat isn't he? LOL - good line

Why would a cabinet minister need this book with her at an interview? Does she or doesn't she know her file?

Was it on purpose as a strategy by the Cons?

Were CTV had or were they involved with the scheme - it's not as if CTV can be trusted (think Dion)?

Did the auditor general not pick up on these expenses or was she protecting Harper?

Lots of questions....but again, Harper investigates himself.

Top Can said...

Like I've said all along, CTV is simply a branch of the Conservative Party. It's too bad they are still thriving while CBC is getting the axe.

Where is the justice?

Kirbycairo said...

It just goes on and on doesn't it, like some kind of nightmare. But when Harper got rid of Bernier he felt like he was in a position of strength. Now he is the captain of a sinking ship and he is morbidly trying to tighten his grip as he goes down as if his sense of power will save him from oblivion. Given his MO up to now I wouldn't be surprised if we see more attempts to prorogue parliament or even institutes marshal law to avoid an electoral defeat. He is deeply pathological and like most madmen he gets worse as he closer to disaster.

Steve V said...

Kory says that Raitt will not resign, she offered but Harper didn't accept. One of her aides, whom Kory refuses to name has resigned.

Steve V said...

It looks like an attempt to deflect away. If there is one thing Fife has, it's Conservative sources:

-"Briefing document actually was the minister's document. Now, they're going blame this aide for having it."

-"If it was the minister's briefing document, which is what I am told it is, the question would be why wasn't the minister, why didn't the minister ask, hey, where's my briefing document? Why is it missing?"

-"I'm getting this from sources, Dan, that I believe to be reliable, who have talked to me in the last little bit. And who say that not only were -- that is the minister's briefing book, but there is essential active commercial information -- sensitive commercial information in that document which we have not reported that would be very advantageous to some of the people bidding on some of our reactors in Ontario, and in fact the information that the Ontario government would not be very pleased with if it got out. The issue here is the government trying to deflect the blame by blaming some young 26-years-old girl."

-"...somebody has to take account for. And it certainly can't be some young kid."

JimmE said...

The present PM really is the king of DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO is he not? As Ms Raitt would go happily back to an over paid position running an unnecessary board (Toronto Pork Authority), But I'm sure this PM feels he needs an ally who shares his Libertarian mind set to help sell off anything that's not nailed down. I do hope the opposition keeps this alive; until a confidence vote or the next faux pas.

ridenrain said...

She should have simply asked for a "do over". Some people think all kinds of stupidity can be hidden like that.

RuralSandi said...

Harper's dilemma - no cabinet material in that Consverative caucus wasteland.

crf said...

He can appoint cabinet members from the senate. He could also convince some conservative senators to retire, and appoint new senators, so that they may sit in cabinet.

Wilbert Keon, for instance, is very, very sharp.

Harper's biggest problem isn't the lack of Conservative talent. It's him. He's been a failure as PM and leader.