Friday, July 06, 2007

Damage Control Federalism

It is almost comical, watching the federal government throwing money at disgruntled provinces. Conservative MP Loyala Hearn of Newfoundland, aka Santa Claus:
Newfoundland and Labrador's federal cabinet minister denies rock-bottom polling results are related to a blitz of spending announcements he has made across the province this week.

Loyola Hearn made announcements on 44 separate projects over the last three days, in a marathon of proclamations and news releases that involved everything from waterworks to heritage festivals to tourism chalets.

At almost $32 million in federal funding over three days, Hearn's work breaks down to about $44,000 per hour. His office issued three dozen media advisories as he toured through Stephenville, Corner Brook, Harbour Breton, Conne River, St. Alban's, Gander and Glovertown.

To be fair, many of the announcements aren't new expenditures, but it is equally true to say the spending blitz is pure damage control. Methinks Mr. Hearn will still receive a lump of coal from voters next election :)


Anthony said...

What do you call the original atlantic accord steve...if not vote buying dfederalism

Steve V said...

What do you call the creation of a mythical fiscal imbalance to curry favor in Quebec?

burlivespipe said...

don't wake antono from his slumber. Dion's been actually growing in the polls without the great A on his heels!

Steve V said...


And what praytell do we make of this?

Anthony said...

I dont understand why Nova Scotians and Newfoundlanders and Labradorians beleive they deserve a different equalization formula than everybody else.

The fiscal imbalance, btw Steve, was endorsed by all 10 premiers, Bob Rae, Michael Ignatieff, the NDP, Paul Martin before he became PM, jean Lapierre before he got elected and after Martin resigned, etc.

Some people still like to think of it as a myth to help Quebec, but why would the other 9 provincial premiers so such a favor for Quebec?

Steve V said...

"The fiscal imbalance, btw Steve, was endorsed by all 10 premiers"

LOL. You mean to say the provincial premiers agreed that Ottawa should give them more money? Stunning.

I believe the fiscal imbalance was first concocted by, you guessed it, Bernard Landry.

Whether Rae or Ignatieff, both of which were vying for support in Quebec endorsed the idea is really irrelevant to actual merit.

Anthony said...

A bit of revisionist history is required to fit it into the Liberal memory, but you may recall, the first person to go nutso on Paul Martin in 1995, when he cut the transfers, was a certain premier of Ontario.

Second, yes the separatists coined the term, two full years after using the argument behind the term to nearly break Canada apart...

Bouchard's main argument against the "the economy would be a disaster" was, the federal government cut so much to the provinces, it is not wrth staying. Two years later, they found a term for it, the fiscal imbalance.

but if your enemy coins a phrase, it must immediately be wrong...alas the Liberal logic comes full room for reasoned argument...sadly, it applies everywhere

now you know why I left

Anthony said...

I should say partisan politics...

it is not like any of the other parties would be any different.

I left because I couldnt stand the rhetoric, not because the rhetoric was Liberal...

Steve V said...

I noticed you ignored the link, which shows in simple math, Quebec has the least factual foundation to bitch about transfers. Rhetoric, with no real underpinning, except to feed a bias people willingly want to believe.

The only provinces that have a legitimate beef are Ontario and Alberta, based on per capita transfers. Quebec is just the squeaky wheel, with the elusive voter, needed for majority :)

Scotian said...


Speaking as one of those Bluenosers you insulted here, we simply want the same consideration that Alberta got to develop its oil/gas sector, nothing more and nothing less. That is the heart of the issue, and to try and dismiss it as some sort of greed and/or eat your cake and have it attitude from this region only underscores just how poorly to not at all you understand the issue involved.

So you can take your ignorant, ill-informed and inaccurate assessment regarding this region and the issue of the Atlantic Accords/Equalization and put them back up the anal ring you so clearly pulled them out from.

Damn, but I'm tired of watching my home being slagged by assholes that don't understand what they are talking about, know nothing of the realities of this region and how we were bled dry by Confederation (especially post WWII) and now that we *FINALLY* have a chance to restore ourselves to a have Province again we are sliced and diced as greedy/lazy pigs that want it both ways. Well to each and every person regardless of political persuasion that thinks this way from this Bluenoser (who I guarantee you is speaking for a lot of people across the political spectrum in this Province/region): FUCK YOU AND THE SELF RIGHTEOUS HORSE YOU RODE IN ON!!!

Steve V:

Sorry for the language and the shouting, but this is a really sore point with me and a lot of my fellow Maritimers and especially Bluenosers.

Steve V said...

Say whatever you want Scotian :)