Wednesday, July 25, 2007

That Ship Has Sailed

Newly minted Conservative candidate in Outremont, Gilles Duguay, comes out of the gate swinging, or more accurately, flailing:
Inside a cramped classroom where he was formally introduced as the Conservatives' candidate in an upcoming byelection, Duguay's target was Liberal Leader Stephane Dion and what he might have known about the federal sponsorship scandal.

"I'm telling you, if you read his CV, the man has been in cabinet since 1995, and if this university professor, descendant of a famous university professor, didn't know anything about the sponsorship scandal, I suggest you ask him whether he knew anything or not," Duguay said Wednesday.

"I find it rather appalling that the leader of this (Liberal) party, who seeks to obtain some sense of credibility, hasn't even deemed it necessary to excuse his party for the wrongdoings that have happened in Quebec," said Cannon, who introduced Duguay.

Dion and the sponsorship scandal, sounds like a real electoral juggernaut. Someone should tell Mr. Duguay (he was great with the Red Wings), that old faithful has dried up:
In Quebec, where Mr. Harper's government would likely have to gain seats to win a majority government, the change has been doubly dramatic. The scandal that roiled the province in 2005 is cited by only 2 per cent as most important, and environmental concerns are at their highest, chosen as the most important issue by 29 per cent.

If Mr. Duguay can tap into that 2%, it could act as springboard for his longshot campaign. Actually, I find it hilarious that this is how the new candidate chooses to introduce himself. Where are the ideas, is Duguay a mirror of the idea challenged PMO? Apparently, the Tories have nothing to offer the voters in the riding, besides old, tired talking points that have lost their relevance. How inspiring.


Tomm said...


It will be interesting in how the riding votes.

Since 1966 a Conservative only won once (it looked to be a Mulroney pre-BQ sovereigntist steal). Usually they get between 10-20% of the vote.

The LPC has pretty much had this riding their own way garnering 50% + of the votes in most elections. If they can't hold it, it will look bad for the home town boy.

If Duguay is going to play the sponsorship scandal card, then we will see if there is any traction left. But if you are correct, he is riding a dead horse and there are no votes there.


Steve V said...

"If Duguay is going to play the sponsorship scandal card, then we will see if there is any traction left."

I think it will just solidify a fourth place finish. It seems pretty clear, from my understanding, that while Dion might has some problems in his home province, no one buys a link to the sponsorship scandal.

Tomm said...


I would agree.

Martin didn't really pass the sniff test (if he didn't know he should have), but Dion was much further away.

I never got the impression that Pelletier or Gagliano trusted Dion.


Karen said...

I never got the impression that Pelletier or Gagliano trusted Dion.

What does that mean?

Anyway, it's a ridiculous strategy and I suspect they'll wear it. Consider who they are speaking to. Liberal supporters for the most part. Dumb with a capital D.

I suspect Coulon will do just fine...though I'll be watching.

Tomm, Martin passed according to Gomery. How do you defend picking and choosing the results of that report?

Tomm said...


The sniff test is from the voter perspective and my own nostrils, not Gomery's.

Martin WAS THE SENIOR QUEBEC MINISTER and he was MINISTER of FINANCE during this time.

Canadian's either didn't believe him, because he should have known, or thought he was dense because he didn't. But as I said, my nose, not Gomery's.

Dion's name didn't even come up. Nobody brought him up at all. He wasn't part of the senior team in Quebec. Not one of the old boys, not in the inner circle and not a threat. Hence my comment.

Disagree if you wish. I've got no inside information. Is there more to know?


Karen said...

Tomm, the voters decided, for whatever reason.

The facts (according to the report) remain that Martin didn't know and given how Chretien protected the whole affair, couldn't have been expected to know.

Dion did testify btw.

I still don't get your Pelletier/Gagliano comment, unless it's a joke that I'm to short to appreciate, :}.

Tomm said...


In regards to Gagliano and Pelletier my comment is really without merit.

Just perception, no knowledge.


Steve V said...

Anthony said...

that argumen did sink Paul Martin in a lot of Quebec, but are people gonna be mad enough to forget the Tories won the last election...

I doubt it

Anonymous said...

Obviously, people didn't pay attention to the details of the Gomery inquiry to watch it and if they did, cherry picked.

Canada was broke - and Martin was travelling all over the world dealing with our "debts" to other countries (China, etc.) trying to get more time to pay down our debts - duh!

Dion was notice during the referendum for his hard work for federalism (the referendum 1995). The sponsorship - 1995. Aline Chretien noticed Dion and he didn't become part of parliament until 1996.