Friday, July 13, 2007

What Are We Doing?

You know the PMO must be completely bereft of ideas and an agenda, when they seek the advice of the lowly:
The Prime Minister's Office is asking Conservative political workers on Parliament Hill to help draw up a long-term blueprint that could form the basis of new priorities for cabinet ministers and a possible fall Throne Speech.

The request is contained in an e-mail from the Prime Minister's policy office to political staffers for Tory ministers and has also been made verbally. It comes as cabinet ministers and senior advisers believe the government has exhausted its agenda after a controversial spring in the House of Commons.

“We are looking for some ideas from you,” said the e-mail, the contents of which were read to The Globe and Mail. “These ideas will be considered as part of a larger policy recommendation that will go forth later on.”

The memo was sent Wednesday by the policy and research division of the Prime Minister's Office. The memo explicitly states that the ideas come from political offices and not the bureaucracy.

A "new" government that doesn't have anything new to offer, quite the contradiction. All those years in opposition, and here we are a year and a half in and the Conservatives are spent. Equally troubling, the fact that a good percentage of Conservative legislation to date was poached from the former government. Now we have a situation where the Conservatives are scrambling to come up with ideas for the fall sitting.

I remember in the latter days of the Liberal reign, on of the chief criticisms was the lack of new policy and a government that appeared tired. The fact that the Conservatives have reached this stage in such quick order is a testament to the notion that their central election premise was "we're not the Liberals", rather than a real agenda for Canadians.


JimBobby said...

Whooee! Bereft of ideas or bolstering internal support by installing a suggestion box? They're giving rank'n'filers the notion that Harper's listening. He needs to reassure his base after letting them down on the environment and, most recently, on commitment to the Afghan war.

Not that the rank'n'file might won't possible come up with a good idea or two, I just don't see this as so much an indication of a pucity of imagination as a ploy to keep faith with the faithful.


JimBobby said...


Oughta preview.

Steve V said...

"They're giving rank'n'filers the notion that Harper's listening."

JB, good point. This initiative might just be a vehicle to dispel the notion that Harper is a one man show.

Anonymous said...

That's parochial criticism.

Anonymous said...

Harper is such a warm, open, caring, inclusive leader. Of course he wants to consult with the lowliest of his supporters. He's always willing to listen and learn...


Sorry, couldn't keep a straight face there.

Karen said...

I think they are bereft of ideas that will appeal to the centre and that they can stomach at the same time.

I imagine they have files full of ideas on the right, but they can't go there now. The polls say so, ;).

Anonymous said...

How about a monorail ???

The public might find that catchy.


Steve V said...

"I imagine they have files full of ideas on the right, but they can't go there now."

I agree, I'm sure there are many "ideas" just waiting for implementation after the majority.

wilson said...

An unidentified 'source' calls the g&m and READS them and e-mail, no verification, just a call....hmmmm sounds fishy.

'.....“We are looking for some ideas from you,” said the e-mail, the contents of which were READ to The Globe and Mail...'

Steve V said...

"hmmmm sounds fishy"

It does, when you consider that Harper only seeks advice from Harper. Wilson, you're probably right. Despite the Reform "grassroots" crap, this is clearly a top-down organization, ala the limo Liberals. The minions are irrelevant, except for fundraising purposes. Heck, this man doesn't even need a cabinet, since he makes a point of showing up for every policy announcement. A shrewed eye Wilson.

burlivespipe said...

It seems that even among his own card-carrying brethren, Harpor is popping leaks.
Of course, one could easily compare the typical Jane Taber "a secret Liberal source" swipe at Dion as proof of an unhappy blemish among the followers.
Still, I think JB is right -- this is to appear that he is beyond just ripping off ol' Liberal programs, that yes, he is even willing to hear you, oh fellow Tory! It may be mere window dressing, as I'd be sure they've got a sketch out there to see how this flip-flop on Afghanistan could create the polls in Quebec especially for a fall bust-out.
Oh Harpor, you and your eye on the prize...