Monday, July 09, 2007

Make It Stop

I honestly can't believe it. Months ago, I predicted that the government would soon drop the "NEW" tag, primarily because it was starting to solicite a negative reaction in the press. Guess what, the Conservatives don't seem to care, according to the press releases:

July 9- "Canada's new government launches world's first Air Quality Health Index Program"

July 9- "Canada's New Government Announces Development of Memorandum of Understanding with Province of Alberta on Temporary Foreign Workers"

July 9- "Canada's New Government Announces Funding for the Memramcook Veterans Park"

July 9- "Canada's New Government and Provincial Governments Partner to Improve Nursing Care"

July 7- "Government of Canada: Canada's New Government Invests Over $2.8 Million in the Fight Against the Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle"

July 5- "Canada's New Government Announces $3M for New Pilot Program to Support Communities Targeted by Hate-Motivated Crime"

and on, and on, and on......

The term has become a joke, Jeffery Simpson with the typical reaction to the illogical ridiculousness:
Eighteen months after the election, the Harper communications machine keeps calling the team, "Canada's New Government."

It's so silly, this title, as to be almost a parody.

Why would you continue to use a term that is now openly mocked with ease? I know the psychological motivations, the attempt to appear fresh and different, but anyway I slice it, it seems that the term is now a net negative. Aren't the Conservatives listening, or are they demonstrating their political tin ear? I don't get it, but really I just want it to stop. It literally grates me.


- not of long duration; having just (or relatively recently) come into being or been made or acquired or discovered

-recently: very recently

-having but lately come to a place, position, status

-having been in a relationship or condition but a short time

-having recently come into existence

The only one I can find that comes close:
-unfamiliar or strange


Karen said...

-unfamiliar or strange

Good one! That finally makes sense.

Steve V said...

Canada's Strange Government. Works for me!

Vicky said...

New: "in use after medieval times"

Anonymous said...

Neo (Conservative)government

Anonymous said...

Why would you continue to use a term that is now openly mocked with ease?

If they didn't have the word NEW to mock, they'd be back to mocking the size of his stomach, or the fact that he didn't make his kid kiss him goodbye.

burlivespipe said...

My theory is that their focus groups keep telling them that people want something new -- like a new, real leader -- and Harpor's tin ear thinks he can shout above it.

Steve V said...

They must be getting some feedback, or they're just stubborn and detached.

Ted Betts said...

New: "Inexperienced or unaccustomed: new at the job; new to the trials of parenthood."

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