Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Do They Own Barbeques Out West?

Maclean's is tracking Stephane Dion's "Summer Of Love" tour, as he does the barbeque circuit. Provided, an interesting map, that highlights the location of the visits.

I'm sure the regional disparity will change as the summer proceeds, but outside of the Calgary Stampede, Dion hasn't made it past Winnipeg. As a matter of fact, it looks like there might be something to the "center of the universe" phenomenon afterall. I'm not trying to be critical, take this as a suggestion. Ontario is the Liberal stronghold at the moment, Dion's time is better spent elsewhere. No visits to British Columbia, despite the fact that the landscape is fertile? Saskatchewan? One visit to Manitoba, June 3? How about a heavy emphasis on the home province, to re-invent one's self?

The summer is young, and surely there will be more visits to the "hinterlands" (I hear a big fundraiser is planned in B.C), but for anyone who looks at the map presently, it's a tad heavy on the EST. This isn't time to play to the base, particularly when the supposed goal is introducing yourself to Canadians. Hit the road Stephane, go west young man :)


Calgary Junkie said...

I can see Dion coming to Alberta to raise money and appoint women candidates. But other than that, he should follow Chretien's lead wrt to Alberta.

Forget about campaigning here. Just use Albertans as the whipping boy for the Liberal "message" in the ROC. I.E. that Albertans are "different".

Tania said...

Dion's been to BC many times since being elected Liberal leader, long before the need for a barbeque circuit. He was in Surrey for a community meeting, a fundraiser in Vancouver South and a big banquet to raise money for candidates in May, I believe.

I'm not concerned he hasn't been here yet for the barbeque circuit. He'll come back eventually. Every event I've attended with him here has been jam packed with people wanting to meet him. I think it's about time he's spending time in other provinces!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tania. Dion's expected in BC in August. People will turn out to hear and see. BC'rs are like that. :)

What is curious is that there has been very little news of Harper since he has apparently returned from... Haiti was his last stop before home, right?

Where in the world is Harper?

Hope his psychic hairdresser didn't tangle with a local... ;)

Steve V said...

Everything is always just right, isn't it.

Jeff said...

MacLeans needs to get a better fact checker. I know for a fact Dion had a big bbq in Victoria, on the Victoria Day weekend IIRC. I heard it was very well attended. Makes me wonder what else Macleans missed...


Jeff said...

And I should add, in BC we can BBQ all year round thanks to our temperate climate... :)

Anonymous said...

I think "Steve" Harper is having a little vacation right now and thank God, because I'm really very tired of looking at his face everywhere.

Calgary Junkie is all over the blogosphere spouting his nonsense and paranoia.

Problem for Dion is the media are covering Harper's tours - that's all it is.

Anonymous said...

How is the Liberal fundraising going? Tell Dion to keep it up. That way he can earn enough for him to be able to fly home.

Steve V said...

"MacLeans needs to get a better fact checker."

Apparently, they do :)

Steve V said...

"How is the Liberal fundraising going?"

Don't ask.

Jeff said...

At least the Libs aren't pressuring their staffers to donate...


Anonymous said...

Well BCER, at least the Tories are asking for money from their own Party and unlike the Liberals, are acutally getting it. That is a far, far cry from stealing it from the taxpayers.

And who knows? With all this jaunting around on the BBQ cicuit, lets hope that Dion will earn enough to be able to fly home at the end of the summer. There is always Greyhound.

Calgary Junkie said...

This is too funny, losing money on a fundraiser

"The spoils were divvied up equally among the seven former leadership contenders who participated, leaving each with about $750. Insiders with several camps say the event didn't make enough to cover even airfare to Halifax for some candidates, much less help retire their combined debt of $3.6 million."

And in reply to "At least the Libs aren't pressuring their staffers to donate..."

Here's an excerpt from a funny story How to Join the Laurier Club Without Even Trying, written by a long-time Liberal.

A few weeks later it was rumoured that the Laurier Club was to meet at the Prime Minister`s official residence at 24 Sussex Drive and the meeting was said in the press to be a chance for big party donors to ask for and receive their just reward. The media established themselves outside the gates of the residence and as the guests entered, they covered up their faces and even heads as though it was a meeting of the Mafia at the back of a speakeasy in New York in the 1950`s.


Calgary Junkie said...

Annonymous 8:53 said "Calgary Junkie is all over the blogosphere spouting his nonsense and paranoia."

Believe it or not, a part of me is actually trying to help you guys.

Given all that Dion has on his to-do list, he should concentrate on the most important items. Things that will produce electoral results, not feel-good, fluffy press releases.

For example, Liberals like to boast about the many times Dion has been to Alberta, way more often than Harper. Big deal. What is Dion accomplishing here?

He's not going to recruit any high-profile, qualtity candidates. Even Paul Martin as PM had a hard time recruiting good candidates here.

And yes, you will counter that Dion is on a long-term rebuilding project for the Liberal Party, but he just doesn't have the time.

IMHO, Dion is better off to concentrate on his base, and hold on to what he has. For example, given the high stakes of the Outremont by-election, I'd say Dion should be campaigning quite a bit there in the next month or so.


Eric said...


The Liberals when in office pressured their staff to join the Laurier club (>$1000 donation).

Its also reported in the G&M article.

Although that hardly makes it right. It seems to me to be an abuse of power to even suggest that someone's employees (regardless of how much they make) donate money to their party. Because there is a fine line between a 'suggestion' and an implied demand when dealing with employer-employee relations.

Gayle said...

For what it is worth, I agree with CJ to some extent. Dion will not gain any ground in Alberta at this time. He needs to concentrate on areas where he could gain ground - by which I mean everywhere BUT Alberta.

During the election he could stop here for a few hours and pump up Jim Wachowich - who is a high profile candidate for Edmonton Centre, and the liberal candidate with the most liklihood of success, but otherwise there is no point.

After he wins the election he needs to pay attention to Alberta, which is when he will start making headway here - though it will be hard to break through all that brainwashing.

Anonymous said...

After he (Dion) wins the election.....

Yeah., lol. Like THAT is doing to happen.

Steve V said...

"Yeah., lol. Like THAT is doing to happen."

It could, particularly when you look at who is the Prime Minister, not to mention the falling polls and personal approval numbers. Dion's biggest assest, the Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

It could, particularly when you look at who is the Prime Minister, not to mention the falling polls and personal approval numbers. Dion's biggest assest, the Conservatives.

The poll numbers are right at where the election numbers were.

And LOL, I think you better check those personal approval numbers again. Dion's personal popularity numbers placed behind even Jack Layton. And now the latest Liberals are fundraising losers. I can't wait to see the leadership candidates right off their debt.

But you see, we Conservatives absolutley love Dion. He is the best thing to happen to the Tories since Harper. :)