Sunday, July 01, 2007

Search Called Off

In a remarkable turn of events, the country known as Canada has been found and thankfully she appears to be in great shape:
"The news is spreading throughout the world: Canada's back," Harper told the crowd Sunday.

Harper's speech drew polite applause.

I'm so tired of this lame line from Harper, which conveys both a megalomaniac flavor and a complete disregard for our tradition. Last time I checked Canada was leading the G8 in growth the past decade. I'm pretty sure Canada has played a critical role in Haiti. Wasn't it Stephen Harper who reminded us all of the previous government's commitment to Afghanistan? Don't all the surveys, done prior to this government's reign show Canada as most respected of all the world's nations?

Make you speech, talk up the country, but don't draw a partisan line in the sand, as though you deserve disporportionate credit. Be gracious, don't try to score cheap political points during a celebration that has unity at its heart. I love the transparent hypocrisy of simulateneously calling yourself "new", which implies getting started, while also positioning as though you've had a seismic impact. Delusional and illogical, what a great combination.


susansmith said...

Steve, I wouldn't be talking up too much about how we helped out Haiti. We helped the US dispose of a democratically elected govt whose goal was to help out the poor in the country, and because it was not in keeping with neo liberal capitalism policies, was distablized by the US who helped support a very bloody coop. Installed another puppet govt and the the people are oppressed once again. Definitely not one of my proudest Canadian moments.

Anonymous said...


I know you listen for partisan rhetoric, and I also admit that you heard it in the Canada Day speech. However please keep in mind that the vast majority of Canadian's didn't hear it the way you took it.

Harper is proud of what he has done. he thinks he has made a difference. He alluded to his pride in his country. That's what most people heard.


Oxford County Liberals said...

I certainly didnt hear that.. I heard rank partisanship Tomm, and another attempt by Deceivin' Stephen to fool the country into thinking everything glorious and wonderful that's happenned has only occurred since Deceivin' Stephen took over.

I really loved that line about how we were noticed in the world because we were a natural resource and energy superpower. Yea, ok.. so thats saying please dont listen to the environmentalists or the opposition parties to go green.. or we screw up our prestige and wealth.

What Canada is far more likely to be noticed for in the world is the fact we've backed away from our Kyoto commitments - a signed agreement, by THIS Prime Minister and THIS Conservative government.

Harper isn't proud.. in fact, he has no shame.. he used the speech on what is supposed to be a national day for everyone, and he used it politically.. in another effort to try and find votes.

Dame said...

Anonymus Tom>.

Do You Mean he said I AM CANADA? or what the hell..
yes he probably gets out of bed and says ''KING ME" lololo
how ridiculous.

..he is clearly megalomaniac.. a very troubled psyche ...
I still Think he is on oncortison therapy to keep his asthma at bay...

don't laugh what I said two years ago ..all came to be proven about this man..

burlivespipe said...

It's just more of the same from his republico speech kit. Hmm, Canada is back from hiatus? You mean the hiatus of surplus budgets that seem to be on the verge of ending? How about the hiatus of personal income tax cuts that we were getting use to before ol' Harpor and flim-flam Flaherty decided to dump 'personal tax cuts' for pavlovian tax credits -- ring this bell and you get .023 cents from every bus trip!
Then he goes on about Canada as energy superpower. Well, hopefully he's giving credit where credit is due -- like the oil sands, which the right-whingers seem to take for granted, has been encouraged and supported by the past gov't. Oh but its easy to slag the Libs' failure on kyoto when your bank coffers are choking with money from that vast energy field. Yep, unfortunately to anyone outside of the CON-blinder club, superpower generally isn't given in an instance from spider bites, but actually take place over years and years of R&D investment. Thankfully, while living off the avails of past government's investment is not a crime, suddenly shifting gear to discourage it, whether by cutting the funds outright or creating huge taxes (Income trusts, anyone) will do wonders to weaken our superpower strengths... unless of course your goal is to open the flood gates for multinational takeovers. Who were those secret bagmen who funded your first leadership run, Deceivin' Stephen?

Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper will say or do absolutely anything for power.

Canada's back. Indeed. Harper will get the back-hand of Canada if he keeps it up. Rightly so.

Hello Harper, yoo-hoo, this is a democratic country here, remember? In the big scheme of things, only one small part of one smallish city voted for you personally. It may behoove you to keep that in mind, eh?

Happy Canada Day, Mr Harper. As a Canadian just back from some other place apparently (by your way of thinking), I have to say that I just LOVE what you and Heritage Canada have done with the place!

Blue goes with everything... even Quebec, eh? nudge nudge ;) ;)

Steve V said...


My reference to Haiti was merely an acknowledgment that we were "involved" prior to Harper's reign, not a statement on background.


Proud of what he has done? And, what exactly has he done? Cozying up to Bush doesn't count ;)

Anonymous said...

We were celebrating 140 years of history and the making of Canada and what it is today - Harper's 16 months of not much has hardly put a dent in our history so his blowhearted partisan speech was actually laughable.

This was a celebration of our country - not of Harper. He continues to show bad taste.

We've been a G8 country since and because of Trudeau. We've been the most financially sound of the G8 countries because of Paul Martin. We've been in Haiti for years and we've been in Afghanistan for years. Our good reputation comes from Lester Pearson. Our natural resources have been here forever - so, what on earth is Harper trying to say? He's done diddley when it comes to our country.

Steve V said...


Well said!

Gayle said...

"Our natural resources have been here forever..."

Well they were a gift from god, and Harper believes in god, so obviously what happened is that god knew that in 2006 Canada would elect Harper and to reward us for that he put the oil in the ground.

How hard is it to fogure that out?


Anonymous said...

Harper only means that Canada will act according to fundamental principles such as human rights and freedoms instead of being expedient and hiding behind the skirts of the Americans - like we did when we were subject to Liberal rule.

Steve V said...

"hiding behind the skirts of the Americans - like we did when we were subject to Liberal rule."

LOL. Harper is so far up Bush's ass you need a full colonoscopy to find him.