Monday, July 02, 2007


What I learned today. If I were a would-be jihadist, I would lean towards a dirty bomb attack, although technically a chemical one would inflict more casualties. While the Vancouver Olympics would be a great target, particularly the inside of B.C Place, my maximum destruction could be had if I placed a cesium-137 device at the CN tower. Some amateur meterological knowledge is needed, because a good 4 meter per second west, south-westerly wind would allow me to contaminate a swath right through the eastern 401 corridor. Terrific.

Where can I find some "dirty bomb" material? According to the informative article, it can be found in something as simple as a gauge used to measure oil wells. Good to know. For the conceptually impaired, I suggest a quick viewing of this video which uses Google to help track the devastation.

I'm glad the government released this study, and the media is so willing to spread the word. Think of all the tedious hours a wannabee terrorist would have wasted finding out this valuable information. I look forward to the release of the final report early next year, so I can expand my knowledge further. Feel safer now?


Karen said...

No! In answer to your question.

Those articles boiled my blood today. I was going to blog, then just couldn't.

That was by far one of the most ridiculous news stories I've ever read. Who does that serve?

I have no idea if our conservative friends will find this article useful, but my wish is that they do not.

Steve V said...

Stockwell Day commented about the study, which makes me think the economic cost analysis will be used to justify further security expenditures in the future. That aside, it was all so CNN ridiculousness.

Anonymous said...

Oh they (Cons) are in so much trouble when the opposition gets hold of them.

Mark Dowling said...

It's worst in Toronto. There are days when I think some city councillors are mad that we haven't been attacked yet so people don't think we're a big enough city.

As for the media - I had the same reaction about the coverage of Shawn Brant's tampering with train signalling. Yes, we should let every idle idiot in Canada know you can jam up the train system and give them a good pointer to start googling.

Dame said...

I was wondering about These things as the CNN was 'explaining' how these propane gas plus all kinds of nails and bolts filled cars are actually "work" as BOMBS was very revealing and educational from My primitive mind who can't "dream up" these inventions by myself...
The rabid TV Coverage’s about homegrown terrorists and Killer Doctors is so discussing I can't stay with any show for more then a few minutes...
The CNN is now using the Shouting Blabbermouths more and more replacing the normal. Since Anne Nicole died is the biggest trashcan of the world.. a morally Bankrupt Runaway tabloid TV station ..

Well you can say why I am watching it??/ I don't really watch it any More .. but you can't Really Find much else either .. all the others are following this tabloid trend..

Violence and Kill kill kill is the Dominating Force today..
And we have a "leader " who thinks we stepped up the "PLATE "
We are at par with the USA Good greef!!!