Thursday, July 05, 2007

What Is Wrong With These People? Part II

Well, at least Harper is consistent, in demonstrating his utter lack of political skill. He snubbed MacDonald of Nova Scotia, and the pattern continues with Calvert of Saskatchewan:
"I am surprised to learn of his visit via The Globe and Mail," the Premier said of the Prime Minister in a telephone interview Wednesday. "I am not even sure what the announcement is - if it is something new or a reannouncement of monies in the federal budget. All I can gather is that it has some relationship to biofuels."
Industry sources said Mr. Harper's Saskatchewan stop will highlight his government's budget commitment to provide $1.5-billion over seven years in incentives to producers of renewable alternatives to gasoline such as ethanol, and renewable alternatives to diesel such as biodiesel.
But Mr. Calvert accused the federal Conservatives of using this type of funding as a dodge on the equalization issue. And "one would have liked a certain sense of prior knowledge of the Prime Minister's visit," he said. "It doesn't help relationships when we're surprised."

“It doesn’t help relationships” and it also completely distracts from the intention. Harper’s visits are public relations exercises, meant to curry favor, but it looks like the political tin ear will result in further acrimony. Amazing to see the failure to recognize simple optics. The political "mastermind" could use a refresher.


Anonymous said...

Harper just doesn't have people skills does he?

Snub the premiers of provinces who argue with him - the premiers that the people of those provinces elected - a slap in the face to those provincial voters or what.

What's Harper's new slogan - "run and hide" because they don't agree with me?

Steve V said...

I'd like to know if there is any precedent for such a long period without a First Minister's conference?

Tootrusting said...

Harper has very poor people skills!

This can only end one way

I'm waiting its not a question of IF but when.