Friday, November 30, 2007

Didn't Get The Memo

A local controversy, surrounding a proposed highway expansion, drew the following comment from the riding's MP:
Building new highways, or expanding existing ones, will only encourage greater use of the automobile, resulting in even greater greenhouse gas emissions. This is contrary to obligations we have under the Kyoto Protocol, and international treaty of which we remain a signatory and under which we have obligations. It counters the commitment we have made to reduce greenhouse gases, both as a nation, and as a province."

The surprising part, the comments came from Conservative MP Michael Chong. Apparently, Mr. Chong didn't get the memo on Kyoto, particularly the part about legal obligations. Head office will be none to pleased.


Bailey said...

I guess he can make those comments because he has nothing left to lose. He already stepped down from the cabinet and I highly doubt he'll promoted from the backbench in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Those are actually some very interesting comments. The one bad things for Harper is that it's not the nuts that go off message but its actually the respected members of the party.

Jay said...

This is just an example of how the Conservatives work. They say things that matter to their constituents to get elected and then don't do it because its not party policy.

There have been numerous examples. The Atlantic Accord. The NL MP's talked the talk, Harper himself as well, but they had no intention to follow through.

Income Trust.

I have read many letters to papers from seniors who say they were told one thing but got another.

This is how they build a support. Each MP says what their local constituents WANT to hear. Its why their is so much doublespaek. we are in Kyoto but are aspiring to cap emissions. Two different promises that were made. One to reformers and one to liberals & red tories they wished to attract.

Michael Warner was doing the same I would guess but Harper just couldn't stand the thought of helping with AIDS research and Social housing. The latter I would imagine had more to do with the word social.

Steve V said...

I've noticed a couple hits to this page from an Environment Canada discussion group. Hopefully Mr. Chong isn't in trouble for expressing an independent thought.