Friday, November 23, 2007

"Leading The World"

There we go, "leading the world" again, which seems to be a code phrase for "embarrassing":
KAMPALA — Canada was accused Friday of acting as the major obstacle to a Commonwealth consensus on climate change as the Harper government resisted the wording of a proposed statement that would bind Canada to achieving substantive cuts in greenhouse-gas emissions.

”My understanding is that there is pretty much unanimous agreement except for Canada and Australia, but Canada is the major objector,” said a well-placed Commonwealth government source, who expressed surprise at the ”vehemence” of the Canadian position.

”It's not a casual position,” the source continued. ”It's a strong personal view of Harper himself.”

According to the Commonwealth source, what has upset Mr. Harper is a single line in the proposed statement that would say: ”We call for a long-term global goal as well as binding commitments to deep, absolute emission reductions by developed countries.”

Some conjecture on my part, but if you eliminated the words "absolute" and "binding" Harper might sign on. How about something like "we acknowledge that a problem exists, and pledge to do something about it soon, based on the unique challenges of each member state" Nice and vague, a statement that allows plenty of interpretation (propaganda), so that one can save face at home and keep making ridiculous claims.

If we believe the Harper/Baird rhetoric, Canada is already embarking on a plan that moves beyond the world community, we are on the forefront in the fight against climate change. Simple logic follows, surely then, we should have no trouble signing on to all the inferior declarations that others are offering. The sense of pride you feel.


Anonymous said...

I have an Irish girlfriend who was talking by phone to her cousin in Ireland (who is a friend as well) yesterday and she said "what the hell is happening to Canada?" Not impressed with Harper who's ruining Canada's reputation apparently.


Dame said...

I am always afraid when Harper leaves for International stage ..Always always make me blush feeling ashamed ..What this moron is talking it is totally Uncanadian ... A Blast from the old old "Better to Forget Times" ..
How did we end up with This piece of Crap??

Shame Shame Canada ...

Anonymous said...

Right on! Canada is showing guts on the world stage finally - not falling in lock step with the big government doomsday crowd.

The Climate Change/Global Warming movement has just about run its course, the next 'big thing' will be coming along any time now - so it's good that we have a government that's not about to jump on a bandwagon whose wheels are about to fall off.

Steve V said...


Hello in there.

Steve V said...


The word "isolated" seems to be a common theme on the world stage.

Oxford County Liberals said...

Actually, the Commonwealth resolution would probably have to use the phrase "aspirational targets" or "we aspire to fight climate change" before Harper would sign on.

Steve V said...


That works.

Baird had a meeting with an Indonesian envoy on climate change, today in Ottawa. He made this comment in the press release:

"I appreciate the Ambassador travelling to Ottawa to discuss the upcoming conference, and confirmed to him Canada's belief that any future agreement must involve binding commitments for all major greenhouse gas-emitting countries,"

Doesn't quite jive with Harper's resistence to "binding" does it?

RuralSandi said...

I just can't wait for the spin on this one when Harper gets back.

He stood up to the Queen or something.

What an asshole - sorry, I couldn't help it.

ottlib said...

Steve, Mr. Baird mentioned binding targets but he also mentioned "all major ghg emitting countries."

You have to know that he means China and India and that is consistent with this government's position.

As long as they do not do anything we should not have to do anything either. That is the school yard mentality of this government held out in stark relief.

Such a position is indefensible on principle but it is even more indefensible because of the fact most of the rest of the developed world is doing something about ghg emissions. And that includes the US, through many of their state governments.

Leading the world. Ya right.

Steve V said...

" Mr. Baird mentioned binding targets but he also mentioned "all major ghg emitting countries."

You have to know that he means China and India and that is consistent with this government's position."

And what country is the largest emitter in the Commonwealth?? Canada. India is on board.