Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Want To Know

Dion has asked that the scope of the inquiry into the Mulroney affair include the actions of the current PMO. No doubt, there are serious questions that do need to be addressed. However, all this talk about Mulroney and what happened in 1993 got me thinking- what else do we need to know?

I thought I would add one of my own concerns surrounding that time, on another question that has haunted the nation:

Why did these guys breakup?

Lots of rumors and innuendo, but no one really knows why these Canadian icons packed it in. A restless people need answers.


ottlib said...

It was just their time.

Anonymous said...

Rik Emmett gives a free concert once in a while in T.O.

Steve V said...

A deleted a couple comments, per request of commentator, in case anyone cares.