Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Have Your Say

The Manley panel on Canada's future role in Afghanistan is now accepting public submissions:

"The whole idea is to allow the public to submit stuff in a limited time frame," said a spokesman

I encourage everyone to "submit stuff", because this panel of nothingness is very important. I've already copied and pasted my submission, although I should have amended it, now that we get a better idea of the expenditure involved:
It is consulting experts and academics and plans trips to Afghanistan, Brussels, London, Washington and New York as part of its deliberations.

Have your say:



MarkCh said...

If the panel is a successful PR exercise and enables the government to keep Canadian troops there to 2011, it will have provided more help per dollar to the Afghan people than just about any other possible expenditure.

Steve V said...

The panel is irrelevant, period.

900ft Jesus said...

Steve v, I read a lot of mixed media and political sites every day and didn't see this invite to give our opinions. Where did you notice it? Do you think it's being kept low key deliberately?

Last question - would it be alright if I list this on my site and ACR as well? I'm sure the right wing freepers will freep the hell out of this one, and while Stevie will do whatever he wants anyway, we don't have to help him by passing up on telling him what we think.