Thursday, November 01, 2007


All Canadians ask, that the government be straight with them on Afghanistan. Instead, the government reaction to Hillier's comments last week expose reality, the truth runs a distant second to political expediency:
Canada's Chief of the Defence Staff, Rick Hillier, has been told to tone down his political interventions after he spoke out last week on the direction of the Afghanistan military mission, sources have told The Globe and Mail.

“He got his marching orders,” a senior government official said Wednesday. “He was reminded what his role is. His role is not to be the chief spokesperson for the mission.”

“He pulled in his horns, but there has to be a recognition that he may have gotten away with this once, he's not going to do it again,” the source said.

“He needs to do his job and leave the politics to those who are assigned to that task and who have the elected mandate behind him.”

Hillier's comments weren't political, they were simply an assessment of the situation. The government reaction demonstrates that message control and propaganda, sanitized for public consumption is the guiding force. Hillier isn't a "spokesman", he just so happens to be the leader of our military and his perspective should take precedent. Muzzling people in the field, because it doesn't jive with the spin in Ottawa is a very disturbing development. Another example of the Conservative hypocrisy on transparency and openness. Apparently the government has decided we can't handle the truth.


Anonymous said...

Everyone that has spoken out against a Harper policy, etc. has been fired or mysteriously suddenly resigns.

President, Kinsley - Elections Canada
Last Environment Minister (can't remember her name)
Hillier - the maybe maybe not
Current Elections president - when will he suddenly be fired or resign
Current Environment Minister - when will he suddenly resign or be fired

Turner, Casey and the current 2 that have been ousted by the Party

C'mon folks, if this isn't dictatorship I don't know what is.

Gayle said...

There was a story on CBC last night about a conservative candidate who was told he cannot run as a conservative because of statements he made during an interview. Those statements strayed from the script and he was punted.

Mike said...

Well these guys aren't really "conservatives" as we used to think of them in Canada. They are authoritarian, so-con Reform party populists whose only desire is to have the power of a majority.

Why is anyone surprised that dissent is stifled and not tolerated. why is anyone surprised that bad things happen to those who oppose Dear Leader?

ottlib said...

General Hillier's comments were very political, just not in the way you are thinking Steve.

He was not trying to embarrass the government but he was sending a message.

I blogged about this very subject last week so you can look at that post to see my whole argument.

Anonymous said...

Oooohh! this is so scary! what a big bad government!

get real. Politicians call the shots in war, soldiers march.

burlivespipe said...

No, anon, you're a little off. Politicians make the mistake of sticking their noses in wars often find it a losing battle (vietnam, iraq I & II), generals keep on marching.
Right now, Harper has two teleprompters preparing for the final result in Afghanistan.
One starts with "We believe a dialogue between Pres. Karzai and moderate voices of the Taliban will..."
The other one goes
"Canada does not back down but in light of the recent..."