Wednesday, November 21, 2007


People will remember the Conservatives calling Goodale whiny, and the Liberals in general, for demanding an apology regarding the dishonest attack ads. As a matter of fact, the theme of the wimpy opposition forever demanding apologies is a common talking point. Contrast that unseemly approach to the tough as nails Conservatives and it is clear who leads and who moans. Of course, all this is utter bull, whining is an entire non-partisan affair. Maclean's has a piece, entitled "The Commons: Say you're sorry-Someone's hurt the Prime Minister's feelings" which demonstrates how entirely sulky the Conservatives can be:

A day earlier, Harper's Minister of Defence had whined about the opposition's moral indignation...

...Karen Redman, the soft-spoken Liberal whip, asked what had happened to a justice department investigation of the Mulroney affair. All but pouting, the Justice Minister lamented his besmirchment.

Poor things.


ottlib said...

I happen to agree with the idea that demanding an apology for every little slight is silly.

It is counterproductive so Liberals should stop demanding them until the Conservatives do something really offensive.

Such a situation would be more likely because if the Liberals just roll with the punches history has demonstrated that this government invariably crosses the line. It gets cocky and steps in it.

Of course, that does not mean Liberals should not respond to Conservative attacks they just need to be more innovative in how they do it.

Gayle said...

I think the slur against Bains made in the spring was offensive and the liberals were right to demand an apology.

Other than that I agree with Ottlib.

I do wonder what is going on with the conservatives with this behaviour. Do they believe, as I do, that Canadians are going to start seeing Dion as being above their little partisan snipes so they want to nip it in the bud by trying to paint the liberals as bullies?

Steve V said...

"I think the slur against Bains made in the spring was offensive and the liberals were right to demand an apology."

And, if everyone left such demands to really serious slights, then an apology request might mean something. As it stands now, everything demands an apology. A few months ago, I counted no less than 8 seperate calls for an apology during on Question Period.

Gayle said...

Well QP in this country is a disgrace. I long for a time when real questions will be both asked and answered.

In fact, I will vote for the party who promises to do that!

Steve V said...


Do you ever catch the British QP? It's just so bloody adult :)

Gayle said...

I used to live there (could not vote though).

Steve V said...

I think we need to give the speaker more latitude.