Thursday, November 15, 2007

Time On My Hands

I was reading a story about a Quebec man, who was ordered to remove a Greek flag from his home, because it represented "visual pollution". This story raises many issues regarding freedom of expression, censorship, etc. However, what I found interesting is the following:
Antonopoulos painted the two by four metre blue and white flag on his garage doors in July 2004 after the Greek soccer team won the European championship.

It took him more than two months to do the job, working nights and weekends.

Here is the masterpiece:

Some quick math, Mr. Antonopoulos needed a week per stripe. I'm no Van Gogh, but I probably could have whipped that baby up in an afternoon. I guess Mrs. Antonopoulos should be grateful that the family wasn't from St. Pierre & Miquelon:


Jay said...


I guess Mrs. Antonopoulos should be grateful that the family wasn't from St. Pierre & Miquelon:

I would add so are his neighbours.

Karen said...

LOL Steve. I saw this article just burst out laughing.

There are some serious questions here, not the least of which is what is taste and what is tacky, but that a side, what a silly case.

As an artist and someone who home renovates, a Saturday afternoon with the beverage of your choice would have produced that baby.

Imagine what the inside projects must look like?

Well done with your analogy.

Anonymous said...

and I'm guessing Mrs. Antonopoulos isn't asking him to paint an entire room anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Visual pollution - rather subjective I would think.

I live in a neighbourhood that has a good variety of residences with many different "decor" interpretations and I like it that way. It is not always my taste (nor should it be) but the variety is interesting and enjoyable, and speaks to the individuality of the people who reside here.

Anonymous said...

There are sign bilaws etc in most municipalities and even by laws on what color you roof can be etc. It's not unusual that this isn't allowed.

Tomm said...

What if he had painted the Canadian flag on his garage?


Anonymous said...

anon at 5:31.

Yes there are a lot of bylaws like that (there is even one near my area that does not allow clothes lines), but really, don't you think that those bylaws are a little silly, people go hungry, orphaned children trying to raise their siblings, untreated illness, the old dying alone - (I think you get the idea)?

Things seem out of whack when such bylaws are passed - it's like ... NO BIG PICTURE, is this the best way to spend one's allotted time and talent – to mandate trivia?

I don’t think these people mean any harm, but are they really doing anything worthwhile?

Tomm said...

Local politics tends to the silly stuff, since nobody has the cojones to try and tackle the big stuff.

For example, truant high school kids using and selling crack, making money to have hot cars and be big shots.

You would need to involve the school system, social services, and the police. Too many agencies trying to look the other way for a local politican to take this on.

Its easier to drink coffee during committee work building by-laws on leashing dogs and cats, and what constitutes an eyesore.