Monday, March 23, 2009


The Liberals have launched a new website, titled On Probation:

What I like about this site, is that although it's clearly a partisan presentation, it isn't overtly so. When you contrast the professional, "just the facts" theme, with the hyper-partisan, Harper orgy, presented on the government's website, the Liberals strike a more serious tone. On a stylistic note, but I'm sure not by accident, the lack of red is clever, because again, one can see this site as more than a Liberal propaganda vehicle. This is a subtle presentation, that gets its point across, without being offensive.

In terms of Liberal propaganda, this site provides another tool to get our message across, that the opposition is holding the government to account. The name choice is great, because it further cements our simple messaging, in soundbite form, a frame that easily resonates.

Thumbs up.

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