Thursday, March 26, 2009

CROP Quebec Poll

A new poll from CROP for Quebec, which looks similar to other recent numbers, and essentially unchanged from CROP's January release:

Bloc 35%
Libs 30%
Cons 18%
NDP 13%
Greens 4%

Confirmation, that the regional numbers from the national pollsters are pretty much in line with this Quebec only, large sample, poll.

Broken down regionally, in the Montreal area the Bloc and Liberals are tied(33% and 32% respectively), with the Conservatives and NDP well back in the low teens. In the Quebec City region, the Conservatives are holding their own with 32%, Bloc has 30% and the Liberals are fairly competitive at 24%. In the rest of the province, the Bloc have 38%, the Liberals 29% and the Conservatives 19%.

Ignatieff maintains a large lead over Harper on the best Prime Minister measure. Ignatieff gets 35%, with Layton at 21%, Harper a lowly 19%.

Given the pretty much static result from the last CROP poll, the Quebec numbers might be settling into a firmer dynamic. Bloc still strong, but signs of weakness. Liberals with encouraging numbers, Ignatieff a real opportunity. Conservatives down, Harper an albatross, hanging around, with little room for optimism.


Oemissions said...

Je ne comprend pas. Why the vote for Conservatives in Quebec city area?

Anthony said...

whats really surprising from this crop batch is the PQ is outpolling the Bloc Quebecois...

Anonymous said...

The Cons were able to hold onto ten seats in the Quebec City area despite Harper blowing his wad there in the last election. It may be the last bastion to fall for the Cons. The Grits may have a easier time toppling Cannon and Blackburn instead.

Charest will be wearing the recession like Harper. Watch Marois to benefit and Iggy to run in Quebec on the national unity card.

Who would have thought? Iggy, the supporter of Quebec nationhood, being the main challenger to Pauline Marois. Pierre Trudeau must be spinning in his grave.

BTW Steve, need your comment on the Decima poll with regards to leadership. Iggymania is sure hitting Canada, for those who are nuts on politics.