Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kreskin Speaks

Given his track record with prognostications, a unique ability to never see anything coming, Canadians should shutter at the latest musing of Stephen Harper:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper predicts Canada will come out of a global recession faster and stronger than any other country.

Using a theorem I've developed, based on past predictive success, I translate the above to suggest that Canada will be slow to rebound, and it's best to stock up on canned goods now, while we still have the chance.

Today's must read, that will keep your head from exploding.


Old School Liberal said...

His first speech about the economy. And we waited until March 10 to hear it. And this is all he gave us?

Another must read is Feschuk's liveblogging of the speech by our self-declared "economist" Prime Minister.

Harper actually had the crass to say "If there ever was a time to put away that legendary Canadian modesty, it is now!"

As Feschuk responds: "Uhh, didn’t we just lose a record number of jobs last month? Hope is one thing, but rubbing tens of thousands of people’s faces in it is quite another."

Interesting to note that there are already a half dozen Liberal responses to this speech. While crickets chirp loudly in another corner of the blogosphere.

Steve V said...

Flaherty was warning about bad unemployment numbers on Friday, while Harper is telling Canadians we should be bragging to the world. I'm sure the 3/4 million people who have lost their jobs since the last election don't feel like bragging. What a disconnect.

Steve V said...

Politically, Harper's dont worry be happy routine, and his predictions, could prove to paint him in a corner, and he will look the fool, AGAIN, should things worsen. I don't think it was politically astute to be so positive.

Steve V said...

More solid reviews.

ottlib said...

I am still regretting takin his advice about buying stocks during the last election. :)

Anonymous said...

Delivering in Brampton, at the heart of Canada's rust belt, makes it so disconnected.

No wonder the Cons are stuck in minority territory. Some populist sentiments about gang crime, immigration, and union bashing may be more appropriate. However, Harpo delivers a speech that came from Diane Francis and Warren Buffett shows how clueless politically he can be.

You can paint Peel Region red for the next election.

RuralSandi said...

This whole line the CONS are using - our economy is better than the rest of the world right now - well, ya if you don't mind be very sick as opposed to very, very sick. How lame.

Harper like Obama? Hmmm....Obama doesn't demonize anyone, not even the republicans and he doesn't like partisan politics. I guess Harper (in his attempt to convince folks he and Obama have a lot in common) didn't get the memo.

When in hell is Harper going to take responsibility like a "real" man instead of blaming everyone else.

Steve V said...


The Cons jumped all over Obama's comments on possible buying opportunities. Trouble is, the market is down 30% since Harper spoke, so Obama might be right ;)


A bizarre location to brag about how good the Canadian economy is, relative to others. Extending it beyond Brampton, the whole of Ontario is on par with any other international example, Harper just looks completely disconnected. Can't believe he chose this forum to make that pitch today.

burlivespipe said...

I sense Harper-buggies and Harper-huts will be replacing 'Bennett-buggies' in wikipedia anytime now. Another fine CON who didn't know what hit him, didn't know what to do and floated out of the people's conscious like some bad cheese...
I'm wondering how this speech is going to read after next months unemployment numbers hit the street?